Continuum-like Samsung Desktop Experience possibly coming with the Galaxy S8


Samsung is said to be bringing a Continuum-like experience to the Galaxy S8 with the Samsung Desktop Experience, at least according to the latest rumor. As it’s being coined, the experience will bring something similar to that of the Windows workspace feature to its Android devices. In case you haven’t heard of it, Continuum turns your Windows 10 device into a PC of sorts, allowing you to connect a keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

While the Windows 10 experience boasted the same Windows shortcuts, the scaling of universal apps to full 1080p HD, and the continued use of your phone while connected, we’re not sure what the Samsung Desktop Experience has to offer. Based on the slide below, we can garner a bit of information about it.

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From what we can see, the phone will connect to an external monitor — we assume through a cable. The mouse and keyboard appear to be wireless so they may connect through Bluetooth. While that’s all well and good, from what we can see on the “extended workspace,” there will be a full desktop experience complete with windowed apps and the ability to multi-task.  How well it will be implemented by Samsung will be anyone’s guess.

It looks like the Korean company has taken its multi-window experience complete with the floating windows that were first introduced with the Note4, and pushed it into a full OS experience. Of course, it should be noted that this doesn’t guarantee that we’ll see the experience with the Galaxy S8, but if the above slide is any indication, Samsung is at least toying with the idea. Following the Note7 debacle, Samsung certainly needs something to draw customers back.

Would you make use of the Samsung Desktop Experience with the Galaxy S8 or do you think the company’s approach is nothing more than a gimmick? Let us know in the comments section below or on social media.

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