[CES 2017] FoldiMate wants to take the pain out of folding laundry


I think we can all agree that folding laundry can be a pain, making it easier would be helpful and that is what FoldiMate is trying to do with its robotic folding system. The FoldiMate is probably going to serve a niche market, as the entry price is expected to be $700-$850USD. The FoldiMate is also going to have some added costs after purchase to replenish the de-wrinkling capsules and other accessories. The capacity of the system may also be an issue for some users, the company claims the input capacity of 15-20 items but notes that thickness matters. So the capacity for someone with larger clothes is probably going to shrink.


The company claims the machine will treat most daily use laundry with the exception of large items like linens and small items such as socks and underwear. It is important to note that the system will de-wrinkle clothing but it will not press or iron your clothing. De-wrinkling simply does its best to remove as many wrinkles as possible but there is nothing there to actually press those wrinkles out. So this brings us to the question. Why on earth would I need FoldiMate when I can fold them myself? FoldiMate’s answer:

FoldiMate is like having a friend who enjoys folding the laundry for you. All you have to do is easily feed it, using our patented Easy Clipping™ feeder, which takes about 3 seconds per item. It takes an average person to fold more than 3 seconds (our founder was caught spending 20 seconds folding a shirt).

Even if you fold faster than clipping each item onto FoldiMate, folding a full load of laundry is akin to loading your dishwasher over doing the dishes by hand, plus, your clothes will be neatly folded every time!

I’m not convinced I need to drop $800USD on this particular convenience but as I said earlier, there is probably a niche market out there somewhere. What do you think of the FoldiMate? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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