Snugs custom fit ear tips review: Custom fit equals custom sound

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Last week I wrote a review on the Echobox Finder X1 earphones and I thought they were fantastic! The sound from the Finder X1’s was just really amazing considering they’re in-ear headphones and not over-ear. While I was at CES 2017 I ran into a company that is working with Echobox called Snugs. Snugs operates out of the United Kingdom and they make custom tips for your existing in-ear headphones. The company made a pair of custom tips for my ears and this is the short review.

Snugs custom fit ear tips design and sound

Made from a high-grade silicon, these custom made ear tips can be made in a variety of colors. They feel very nice in the hand and feel very comfortable in the ear, though there is a lubricant included should you need it. The first time you put these in it will take a bit of trial and error to find the exact fit but once you have it, they go in perfect every time. It’s a bit of a strange feeling since these go in much deeper than normal ear tips. The company says these should last a long time so long as you keep them clean, away from direct sunlight and heat, and stored in their included hardshell case.

Key points provided by Snugs

  • Perfect fit and comfort. Snugs fit like a glove and never fall out even when running and exercising. Their perfect profile means even after long periods of wear they are still supremely comfortable.
  • Unrivalled sound quality. The bespoke fit blocks out external noise, dramatically improving audio quality. Enjoy powerful bass, crystal clear vocals and sparkling trebles. This is music as it was intended to be heard.
  • External noise blocked, your music kept in. The perfect fit ensures your music doesn’t disturb others, making Snugs ideal for commuting or wearing at the office.


Now, the Snugs do not produce any sound whatsoever, essentially they take the already amazing sound of the Finder X1’s and channel it where it needs to go. On top of that, they seal out any ambient noise around you giving you a more immersive experience. While they did an amazing job of blocking out ambient noise, you can still hear things around you with them in and the music off. These things really did an amazing job of making an already awesome sounding pair of earbuds sound that much better. It’s important to note that Snugs does make their product for more than just the Echobox brand. Overall the design and sound enhancement is just amazing and if you’re serious about using just earbuds and not over-ear headphones, Snugs might be something you should consider. They will enhance the sound from your current earbuds by leaps and bounds.

How do I get Snugs and how does this work?

The company is based in the United Kingdom and has several outlets where you can get a laser impression of your ear, that’s what they did for me. Once they have the impression of your ear they will use that to create your custom made ear tips. It takes a few days of work and you’ll get to choose the color and style of your ear tips.

Now, for those outside the United Kingdom, particularly in the United States, you’ll have to find a local audiologist who can take a traditional impression of your ear canal and send that to Snugs. Yes, there is such a thing as an audiologist and you likely have several around your area that you should be able to see. Prices for impressions are probably going to vary so you will have to contact your audiologist to figure that part out. I did some online searching and it seems the normal ear impression prices fluctuate between $40-$80USD which will be on top of the cost of the Snugs. United Kingdom residents can contact the company for their laser impression pricing.

The link below leads to the company’s website and we highly suggest you contact them for more information.


Wrap Up

The whole process can get pricey so this solution is probably not for everyone. For those who love their existing buds (and don’t want over-ear headphones) and want to get over-ear sound from them, this could be a great solution. Overall these get a pretty amazing rating with just a hair shaved off for the price. Yes, they are pricey but they hold a ton of value to the right person and will last for a long time.

How do I order these for my Echobox earphones?

  • Step one: Go to
  • Step two: Select your Echobox earphone and choose your Snugs color.
  • Step three: Click ‘Buy Now’.
  • Step four: Have your ear impressions made locally and send them to Snugs.
  • Step five: We deliver your Snugs + Echobox earphones within 8 working days.
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*We were sent a sample of Snugs for the purposes of this review.

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