RapidX Ferrino review: A comfortable and superb lifestyle/gaming chair

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Long hours of gaming or working behind a computer can get uncomfortable without a good chair. The RapidX Ferrino aims to give you support and comfort while you blast your way through battlefields or blast your way through spreadsheets. Read on for our full RapidX Ferrino lifestyle/gaming chair.


The RapidX Ferrino has the following specifications and features:

  • Diamond-patterned backrest with color stitching
  • Locking tilt mechanism inspired by car seat recliners
  • Five-point base on 2-inch rim-styled casters
  • Bucket seat harness inspired by professional racing seats
  • Adjustable and removable neck and lumbar support pillows with color stitching
  • Orthopedically and ergonomically designed
  • Lift cylinder adjusts seat height from 14 to 16.6 inches
  • Armrests adjust from 11.8 to 14.5 inches in height
  • 3D-adjustable PVC armrests with three directional settings
  • 85-155 degree angle recline adjuster
  • Durable and stylized PVC leather
  • Detachable neck and lumbar support pillows included
  • High-quality molded polyurethane foam core
  • 20.8-inch Black aluminum star base
  • 20.5-inch seat width
  • 10.5-inch long armrests
  • Supports up to 265lbs (100-150kgs)
  • Weight: 48lbs (25kgs)
RapidX Ferrino
The stitching all over this chair looks great.


The full lineup of RapidX chairs are very aggressive look to them and the company says the RapidX Ferrino is inspired by professional harness bucket seats. The Ferrino is offered in six colors: black with white stitching, blue, pink, red, brown, and solid black. The stitching on the seat pan and back of the chair add to its sporty aesthetic giving it a nice aggressive look. RapidX has taken a different approach to comfort and rather than stuffing the seat and back with fluff, they’ve used dense polyurethane foam core.RapidX Ferrino 2

According to RapidX, this polyurethane foam core gives the same support as formula racing car seats. The company says the RapidX Ferrino is orthopedically designed to support your neck and spine and there is an included removable lumbar and neck support. The armrests are adjustable in three ways, they can be lowered by three inches, slide forward, slide sideways and be positioned in various ways to customize your comfort and workflow.

RapidX calls their reclining backrest “powernap-friendly” as it reclines to 155 degrees which is much further than many office chairs. Of course, you can sit up at the full 90 degrees if you like as well, but the feature I loved the most was that extra 5 degrees to the front. I suffer from back problems and one thing that helps alleviate the pain from sitting for a prolonged period of time is sitting at about an 85-degree angle. As the RapidX Ferrino does have that extra 5 degrees of forward tilt, it provided me with a lot of relief from back pain when writing for hours on end as I am now.

Of course, you also utilize the up and down functionality on this chair which allows for adjusting the height. One other feature that struck me well was the seat pan itself. Some seat pans can be entirely too long which causes fatigue in my legs and don’t allow me to place my feet square on the floor, the seat pan on the RapidX Ferrino worked really well for me and was very comfortable. Overall the design is nice and I think RapidX did a great job with all the adjustments they’ve built into the chair.


Ease of Use

Setup of the chair is pretty straightforward and simple and took me just about twenty minutes. The video below gives a short walkthrough of what to expect when assembling this chair. I will warn you to take care when installing the plastic sides that cover the hardware. RapidX does warn you to take care when putting these on as the plastic pins inside could break if hit with too much force or not aligned properly. I did break on of the pins on one of the sides, I didn’t have it aligned properly and it snapped, so just make sure you follow instructions carefully and take your time.



Comfort is going to be a subjective thing here but for my taste, the RapidX Ferrino chair is by far the most comfortable lifestyle/gaming chair I’ve ever used. I particularly like that extra 5 degrees of forward incline. The seat pan is super comfy and I’ve been able to sit longer at my desk than I did with my old chair filled with fluff and padding. Very comfortable chair and very versatile, especially for gamers who may need multiple adjustment points in order to get the most comfortable experience. The Ferrino certainly delivers a good amount of options to make your desk experience more comfortable.

RapidX Ferrino
I opted not to use the lumbar or headrest pillows.


For $349USD I think this chair is very worth it, that is if you spend a lot of time behind a desk and computer screen. If you’re not using your computer more than a few times a week for less than an hour or two, then this probably is overkill.

Wrap Up

The RapidX Ferrino is an excellent chair for gamers and users who spend a lot of time sitting behind their desks. The adjustability and comfort are really great and until another company sends me a different chair to test, this one is completely awesome.

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*We were sent a sample of the RapidX Ferrino for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on February 13, 2017.


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