BuddyPhones review: Excellent and affordable volume limiting headphones for kids

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Sometimes we all need a good pair of headphones to listen to our favorite music, movies, or whatever audio content we want to consume. Kids are no different, they enjoy good sound too but their little ears need protection as well. That’s where BuddyPhones comes in, providing excellent sound with volume limiting capabilities. Read on for our full BuddyPhones review.


The BuddyPhones have the following specifications and features:

  • Volume limiter, limits output to 85 dB
  • Bendable housing making it kid tough
  • Hypoallergenic ear cups
  • Built-in audio splitter, daisy chain up to 4 pairs
  • 5 sets of stickers for personalization of the headphones


The BuddyPhones design is very kid friendly and sized just for kid ears. There are stickers included so kids can customize their headphones with pre-made designs or make their own. The materials are all plastic and don’t feel very premium but with a price point of $19.99USD, that’s to be expected. That being said, while the materials don’t feel premium, they are very much sturdy and rugged. The BuddyPhones stood up to plenty of bending and twisting and never seemed to get stressed.

The earpads are nice and soft and are very comfortable when worn, the headband does not have any padding but the headphones aren’t heavy enough to be uncomfortable across the head. One very nice feature is the flat audio cable which helps things not get too tangled up. Finally, the audio cable also includes an audio splitter and you can plug up to four pairs of headphones into one source. Overall the design is nice, kid-friendly, and very robust considering the lack of premium feel.



The sound is what matters and these headphones have a fantastic sound for sub $20USD headphones. What struck me was the low end was very evident here, the sound was full and rich. The volume limiter also keeps the sound down to a kid-friendly 85 dB and is built into the headphones. You won’t have to worry about your child turning the volume up too loud as it will kick in by itself. The ability to daisy chain up to four headphones at once into one source is also a great feature. Now you can have up to four kids watching one source all with their own headphones. Overall the sound is really amazing coming from a headphone at this price point and for kids, it’s perfect.


These things are very affordable at $19.99USD and very worth it if you want to keep your kids hearing intact. There is a ton of value here for parents seeking a good audio experience without damaging their child’s hearing.

Wrap Up

Well worth the $19.99USD. The BuddyPhones sound great, are built well, and have great features at an amazing price.

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*We were sent samples of the BuddyPhones for the purposes of this review.

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