Las Vegas Senate Bill 109 would outlaw required human microchipping


A bill in the Las Vegas Senate could make requiring human microchipping a Class C felony. Las Vegas State Senator Becky Harris is backing Senate Bill 109, which addresses the practice of human microchipping. The bill was born from concerns from one of Senator Harris’s constituents about the future of human microchipping. Harris says that sales of do-it-yourself microchip kits have been increasing around the world. Many people have purchased these kits to keep track of their children but some companies in Belgium and Sweden use the technology to identify and keep track of their employees. Senate Bill 109 seeks to prevent such a practice in the State of Nevada.

“It’s done under the idea to unlock doors or use copy machines or maybe pay for lunch, you could use your hand,” she said.

“As I began to look into the issue I was surprised with the merit that I believe the issue warrants,” Harris told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday. “Each kit costs about $100 and includes a tag and an injection tool,” Harris said.

Harris believes the practice of required human microchipping brings in a bevy of ethical questions like who owns the chip and the data contained on the chip. How does one get de-chipped if they are no longer in the employee of the company that required the chip? She also brings up the question of hackability of these chips, could the person possibly be harassed or even stalked having the chip in them? Harris does clarify that the bill does not prohibit someone from voluntarily getting chipped.

“It wouldn’t prohibit the voluntary decision of a person to be microchipped,” she said, adding that a nightclub in Europe offers microchipping to customers so the establishment can provide tailored service.

What do you think of this Bill 109? What do you think of microchipping? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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