Samsung cases for S6 Edge and S7 Edge: We review Ghostek’s range


As far as we’re concerned, Samsung cases are a must have for every proud owner of an S6 Edge or S7 Edge. You picked out the unusual curving screen, and understandably – it looks awesome. However, it brings yet more vulnerability to an already fragile phone. A simple split-second drop to the floor could mean the end of your Edge and a hefty repair or replacement bill.

It would make much more sense to look at Samsung cases in advance to make sure your Edge is protected. Compared to the high price tag investment you made on your smartphone, Samsung cases are extremely affordable. It makes sense that you invest that little extra bit of cash into one, to give you the peace of mind and assurance that your expensive device is totally protected.

Today, we’re looking at case manufacturer Ghostek. Their most popular case is probably the Atomic, which we’ll feature here, but that’s not the only one they offer. Check out the Samsung cases they’ve got available, and you might just find one that’s a perfect fit for you and your Edge.

For both the S6 and S7 Edge:

Ghostek Cloak

This case has the same name, but with different looks. Here’s the Cloak for the S6 Edge:

Samsung cases
Galaxy S6 Edge Case Ghostek Cloak Series

And here’s the Cloak for the S7 Edge:

Samsung Cases
Galaxy S7 Case Ghostek Cloak Series

Apart from the design, they’re pretty much identical. Here’s how they can protect your Edge:

  • TPU shell – Thermoplastic polyurethane is an excellent material for phone cases for many reasons. The first is its powerful ability to absorb shocks in case you drop your phone against a hard surface. Another is its elasticity, so you can get the cover on and off easily. It’s also resistant to oil and abrasions, so your Cloak will stay looking awesome even under fingertips and accidental scrapes and scratches.
  • Aluminum frame – Both these cases have an aluminum alloy bumper, which gives one of the strongest protections available to your Edge. It takes the impact against the ground, then disperses the shock through the TPU shell.
  • Explosion proof screen protector – Pretty much unbreakable.

For the S7 Edge only:

Ghostek Atomic 2.0

Samsung cases
Atomic SamsungS7edge

The transparent looks and protective capability of the Cloak make it one of our favorite Samsung cases out there right now. But what if you want these features, and waterproofing, too? Well, you’re in luck, because the Atomic 2.0 offers just that.

In fact, it can go a bit better.

That’s because the aluminum alloy bumper appears again, but this time, it’s thicker. This can only be better, offering your Edge even more protection against accidents, bumps, and knocks.

Here’s how else it works to keep your S7 Edge safe:

  • Waterproofing up to 3.3ft for 10 minutes
  • Snow and iceproofing
  • Its ability to block out dirt, dust, lint and mud
  • The raised metallic bevel that wraps around your delicate curved display

Ghostek Covert

Samsung cases
Shock resistant

This is another drop proof case, and one of the most lightweight Samsung cases we’ve come across with this level of protection. Check out how it protects your S7 Edge:

  • The air cushion corners come with heavy duty drop spring technology. The corners of your S7 can be very vulnerable, particularly with the curved screen. This feature offers excellent protection for them.
  • The screen protector is explosion proof.
  • The clear TPU construction and raised beveling work together to make sure your S7 stays totally intact, no matter what life throws at it.

For the S6 Edge only:

Ghostek Armadillo

Samsung cases
S6 Edge Case Ghostek Armadillo

Most of the Samsung cases we’ve featured so far have been super tough, but looked sleek and sophisticated. If you want a rugged case that shows just how tough it really is, then the Armadillo may be your top choice. Check out how it keeps your S6 Edge safe:

  • Non slip inner TPU frame, offering shock absorbency
  • High density polycarbonate back cover for additional drop protection
  • A screen protector curved just right for your S6 Edge
  • A raised bevel to keep your display 100% intact

It also features a kickstand, a nice touch if you like watching your videos and photos back.

Ghostek Stash

Samsung cases
S6 Edge Wallet Case Ghostek Stash

The last but certainly not the least of our Samsung cases for S6 Edge is the Ghostek Stash, a wallet-style case. It stands out from other wallet cases for two reasons. One, it’s not a folio case. We think this is a great thing, as folio cases tend to scratch your screen. And two, it offers much better levels of drop protection than most wallet cases do. Here’s how it protects your S6 Edge:

  • The body is made from super strong polycarbonate that enwraps your S6 Edge from every angle.
  • An HD clear screen protector covers your full S6 Edge screen with touch sensitivity and scratch resistance.

So, we’ve reached the end of our list of Ghostek Samsung cases for the S6 Edge and S7 Edge. Which of these Samsung cases will you pick for your Edge?

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Last Updated on August 11, 2019.

Samsung cases

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