Samsung’s smart sunglasses display what’s on your smartphone or monitor

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Lenovo isn’t the only one who will be showing new things off at MWC, Samsung has also given us a sneak peek as to what’s coming from their C-Lab department. Virtual Reality isn’t new to Samsung with them having released three different Gear VR units, but they’ve never had AR/VR mixed into one working unit. Enter Monitorless, Samsung’s smart sunglasses that will stream and project content from your smartphone and PC.

The sunglasses double as an AR/VR unit that can be switched between the AR and VR modes at any time thanks to the “electrochromic glass” that’s behind the normal set of lens. There is quite a bit of tech packed into this device. The right side will be home to the CPU, WiFi antenna, and project, while the left-hand side of the glasses has the battery and speaker in it, while there’s an optical lens sitting directly behind the normal lens like I spoke about not too long ago. Finally, the smart sunglasses will have WiFi Direct to pair with your smartphone showing you what may be recent apps instead of opening up a new one and going from there.

Connecting to a PC will work by using 4G/LTE and WiFi Direct from the PC to the smartphone to the glasses. What’s even better is that you can use the smartphone as the mouse/trackpad and work on what you’re doing on the PC. Playing games will work the same way as the phone will be the controller.

The reasoning behind Samsung making something like this? Well, per Samsung it’s because there isn’t enough AR and VR content in the world.

Monitorless addresses the fact that there isn’t enough AR and VR content currently available and also enables users to play high-capacity PC games on a mobile device.

Having these would be pretty cool since the sunglasses act as your display allowing you to play games and see what’s going on on your smartphone along with acting like an AR/VR wearable, but what are your thoughts on the Monitorless unit? Let us know by leaving your comments down below or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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