Microsoft Playable Ads let you try out apps without downloading them


Sometimes we all want to try out an application before downloading it and taking up space on your device. Playable Ads are Microsoft’s way of allowing you to stream an app from the Windows Store and try it out before purchasing and downloading it. Google already has their own version dubbed “Instant Apps” which does the same thing, letting you try out the application before buying it. In both instances you’ll be using an app that wasn’t originally downloaded to your mobile phone.

Playable Ads were announced last week in the Windows Dev Center. With Playable Ads, you will be able to try out the full application from the Windows Store as if it were already installed on your device by streaming it for only a three minute time period. Now, three minutes isn’t always enough time to figure out if you want the application or not. Some apps out there do require more than three minutes to work out such as games, but the plus side is that if you want to stop streaming the app, you’re not getting punished by closing it out. If you immediately don’t like the app or game you can just close it during the three minute demo. The streaming stops automatically when your three minutes is up. After the allotted time has ended, the user can then purchase the app if they would like.

Playable Ads are still in a limited preview, so don’t rush to your Windows device hoping to try this out, but Microsoft hasn’t announced when Playable Ads will go live. Hopefully sooner than later so folks can start streaming an app before making a final decision as to if they want it or not.

What are your thoughts about Microsoft Playable Ads? Even though the demo time frame is three minutes, do you think it’s enough for someone to think about purchasing that app? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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