The 840HP Dodge Demon wants to incinerate the Tesla P100D


We’ve all seen the hundreds of YouTube videos where some model or other of Tesla absolutely destroys a supercar in a drag race. If you haven’t, enjoy the one below.

There’s no question that Tesla’s electric car is a formidable opponent on the track and one of its daily victims has been the Dodge Hellcat. While the Dodge Hellcat is a hell of a car, it just hasn’t had the fire to beat those pesky Teslas. That may all change very soon though. The all new Dodge Demon was just announced and so were the Dodge Demon specifications. With 840HP and a zero to 60 rating of 2.28 seconds and quarter mile time of 9.65 seconds, the Demon could finally incinerate its opposition.


Of course, Dodge has taken some special steps to ensure the Dodge Demon could make numbers like that.

First, the Dodge Demon is the first-ever factory production auto with street legal drag tires. As a result of the extra wide treads, the Demon sports some aggressive-looking side fenders.

Meanwhile, the Demon weighs about 215 pounds less than a 707hp Dodge Hellcat. To cut the weight, Dodge has removed the passenger front seat and rear bench seat. It also boasts a massive new hood scoop that supports what Dodge calls a “forced induction” system. The car also has a dedicated drag race driving mode.

The Demon will also come with a special “pack” to change from street mode to drag mode and it will be able to use special racing fuel. I can already see several Hellcat owners lining up to trade into the Demon and head off to the track and find those Teslas. All kidding aside, the specs on the Demon are impressive and it will be fun to see it head to head against a P100D in ludicrous mode. I’m sure we won’t have to wait long. Production of the Demon is slated to start this summer.

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Last Updated on April 12, 2017.

Dodge Demon

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