The Calyos NSG SO is the world’s first fanless chassis for high performance PC users


High-performance PC users are used to buying fans and cooling systems to draw the heat away from both the CPU and GPU to optimize performance. When you’re pushing a gaming or editing machine to the max you just need that kind of cooling, but what if you didn’t need a fan? The Caylos NSG SO is promising just that and has already raised over $253,000USD on Kickstarter. The Caylos NSG SO also promises silent performance which would surely delight plenty of high-performance PC users.

The Calyos NSG SO is a high-end chassis with a revolutionary cooling system inside that has no moving parts meaning no fan, no pump, and no water! Forget the constraints of water and air cooling and live a brand new fully passive experience with a completely silent PC!

Are you dreaming of an electric supercar? Longing for an 8K TV? How about your PC? What is it’s future?

You will enjoy full customization of the Calyos NSG SO as it has been designed for modders. Customization is only limited by your imagination. Visit our Kickstarter for more information and to support our project!

This is certainly an intriguing project, especially for gamers and video editing professionals. The project is fully funded but is, of course, looking to get as much funding as possible. If you’re a gamer or high-performance PC user you’ll know this isn’t going to come cheap. Just hit the Kickstarter link below to find out how much this puppy will set you back. They have chassis only pricing all the way up to fully configured machines.

This is probably one we won’t be getting to review, so if you do happen to pick one up. Please do drop us a line and let us know how you like it and if it was worth the coin drop.

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