PlayStation 4 not turning on? It could be a roach motel… really!


Better get that Raid out ya’ll because you may want to hear this if you own a Playstation 4. Supposedly, info from independent console repair shops share some interesting news that cockroaches really enjoy claiming your PlayStation 4 as their home by crawling into it and popping a squat. That can obviously cause an issue for your system especially if it’s not turning on.

During an interview Kotaku had with XCubicle co-founder Patrick Che, he went to state all the types of repairs his shop gets when it comes to gaming consoles day to day. Che states that there are trash bags full of them buggers because of PS4 owners stopping by the store and having their system fixed and not knowing why they’re broken. Because of there being so many roaches being found in Sony’s gaming system, there is a $25 roach fee slapped on top of the repair fee and at least one console each week has cockroaches in them.

The reason for this is because the systems big air vents allow the roaches to easily crawl in and stay there. The air vents are part of the reason why the bugs get inside, but the main reason they move in is because of the internal power supply causing the system to get warm and being enclosed in a dark area. Sony isn’t repairing the gaming console and has yet to comment, but even so, it’s then coming down to local repair shops to see what the issue is. There is a “fix,” but it’s not guaranteed that it won’t happen again, but keep the PS4 out in the open allowing the vents to breathe more and store it at a higher altitude where the cockroaches may not be able to reach.

Maybe the bugs just need a good home and your PlayStation 4 provides them shelter, but on a serious note, have you found any cockroaches in your PS4 or has anyone told you your console has them? Let us know by leaving your comments down below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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