Here’s just a few of the cosplay costumes at C2E2 this year

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Chicago’s McCormick Place was the site of a mass influx of costumed clowns, freaks, geeks, and heroes this weekend at C2E2. We had the chance to hit the show up though not much time to get to any of the panels. So while we’re not bringing you any juicy comic, movie, or geek TV news we thought we’d compile a few of this year’s cosplay costumes we saw at the show this year. If you’ve never been to a comic book convention then you’re missing out on a lot of cosplay fun. There are literally hundreds of fun-loving people dressed up as their favorite superheroes, villains, movie characters, and more.

There were too many great cosplay costumes to squeeze them all into this article but we did pick a decent amount of them to share here. We did ask each of these great people for their permission to take their photo. If you happen to be the cosplayer in any of these photos and would like us to give you credit via a name, or social media link, please do let us know. Just shoot us an email with your name and which cosplay costume was yours and we’ll make sure to note that in the photo caption. C2E2 was a blast and there were a ton of people there this year, while we didn’t get the chance to hit any panels or discussions, we did have a great time mingling with some wonderful geeks! We hope you enjoy the awesome costumes showcased in the photos below as these folks put a lot of effort into making the very best! Thanks to everyone who allowed us to take their photos and have a great C2E2 tomorrow!

Peculiar Twins
Bowser and Princess Peach

All photos taken by Alex Hernandez


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