The positive buzz around the Galaxy S8 is sure to create even more buzz for the Apple iPhone 8

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The Apple iPhone 8 (or whatever the final name is going to be) is set to be released this year, and it is already getting a lot of attention. Much of that attention has come as a result of the buzz surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S8. While Samsung really botched the launch of the Galaxy Note7, that major misstep actually didn’t hurt them one bit. Even though the company had to recall every last Note7 on the market, they remained focused and produced a new device (S8) that pushed that whole controversy to the back of the shelf. Many early reviews have come out in praise of Samsung’s latest flagship device and sales of the device are strong.

Interestingly enough, with Samsung’s success comes the inevitable comparison to their closest competition, Apple. With this year being the 10th anniversary of the Apple iPhone, we were already expecting Apple to bring a significant upgrade to their iPhone. Now, with the bombshell of a device that is the Galaxy S8, Apple needs to bring the real game. These early reviews of the S8 are tempting many an iPhone user to seriously take a look at Samsung’s newest offering. As a user of both Android and iOS devices, I can safely say that the Galaxy S8 could easily be the device that could really pull some users away from Apple.

I believe Apple knows this too and this is why we’re seeing significant leaks and news bits about the new Apple iPhone. Apple’s strategy is to keep its iPhone fresh in the minds of potential buyers while the early round of Galaxy S8 reviews go through their lifecycle. Keeping potential upgraders and switchers thinking your device may offer the same or better potential as the current best device from your competition is sound marketing. Apple is currently playing defense and this year is going to be a grueling challenge just because the S8 is truly a stellar device.

The leaks surrounding the 2017 Apple iPhone show that the device is supposed to have an almost all glass front. From the sounds of it, the glass won’t be curved like the Galaxy S8, but the bezels all the way around are supposed to be pretty non-existant. One of the bigger rumors and one that may not work out is the integration of the fingerprint sensor into the glass. Samsung attempted to do this with the Galaxy S8 and from what it sounds like, Apple is having issues too. There are many more rumors surrounding the device which we won’t get into.

We now have a Galaxy S8+ in-house for review and we’re very much impressed by what Samsung has done. As I said before, the S8 is a tempting morsel of a phone for any iPhone user who is sitting on an iPhone 6s or older. It offers a lot of great features along with an aesthetic look and feel that is drawing the Apple faithful to the storefronts. This positive buzz for the S8 is drawing more attention to the Apple iPhone but even so, it may not be enough attention to stop some users from dipping their feet into Samsung’s pool. We certainly don’t blame anyone for making the switch before Apple has a chance to prove themselves.

Are you an iPhone user who’s made the jump to a Galaxy S8? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.


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