If the Microsoft Surface Phone is still in the works, will it stand a chance?

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The Microsoft Surface Phone is still believed to be in the works even as the iPhone and Android phones dominate the mobile market. Does a Microsoft Surface Phone stand a chance in a market that clearly isn’t buying Windows based smartphones? Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an editorial bashing Windows phones. As a matter of fact, I rather enjoyed all of the Windows Phones I have used but found that they lacked enough quality mobile apps to make them a daily driver.

I would love to see a Microsoft Surface Phone succeed and would probably buy one to use myself, but it’s not about what I would buy. The common consumer is far different than me and many of you who read this website. The common smartphone buyer wants the apps and services they are familiar with. If there’s an opportunity to transition to another ecosystem, they want to do it seamlessly and without a headache. Currently, even switching from iOS to Android or vice versa can be a chore for many users who don’t want to hassle with a switch. Both Apple and Google have made it far easier to make the move to each platform, but it’s still not as easy as some would like.

Microsoft Surface Phone
Courtesy Casmir Valeri

While Microsoft is doing some excellent things with the Surface Pro, Surface Book and now the Surface Laptop. The hard fact is they just don’t have enough mobile app development which has always been the grand issue with owning a Windows Phone. Express UK is more optimistic than I am, pointing to productivity and Microsoft Continuum as the backbone of a Microsoft Surface Phone. BlackBerry had the same thought process when it decided that their target market was business and business had no use for popular mobile apps. They ran with the enterprise theory and ended up on the losing end and now they run Android.

Microsoft Surface Phone
Courtesy Casmir Valeri

Continuum is a fantastic idea, I won’t argue that point at all, but I do believe even business users want those popular, well-built mobile apps as well. My personal feeling is that I’d love Microsoft to get back into the mobile game. Currently, we have two heavyweight competitors in the mobile market and we need more. More competition is better for the consumer and it drives each competitor to make their product better which is a win for us. If Microsoft is working on bringing a new phone to market, I hope they’re working on mobile app development as well. I think it’s the best way for them to succeed and be competitive in the mobile space.

What do you think about the chances a Surface Phone has against the crowded iPhone and Android market? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.


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