AquaGenie smart bottle wants to help you drink more water

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I admit it. I need to drink more water. As a matter of fact, I think most of us probably need to drink more water we just don’t. With so many flavored beverages on the market, we’ve lost sight of the one that is truly the best for us. Don’t think I’m trying to preach to you because as I write this post, I have a giant cup of coffee in front of me. Water, in its pure form, is a huge necessity for the human body to survive. While many of the beverages we drink have water in them, they’re often filled with other chemicals, colors, and additives.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying your favorite beverage now and then but drinking water by itself is very important. Part of the problem is, we often forget to drink water when we need it. That’s where AquaGenie wants to try and help. This smart bottle is app connected and will give you notifications when you should be hydrating throughout the day. There are already apps on the market that give you reminders but the bottle is an added convenience. Check out the Kickstarter video below and then hit the link below to back the project.

Ensure you’re drinking enough water to meet your health, wellness, fitness, and weight loss goals with the world’s most convenient and accurate smart water bottle! AquaGenie’s ingenious design tracks your water consumption, reports it wirelessly to its app or to your Fitbit or Apple Health dashboard, wirelessly recharges, and is durable, washable and easy to use. AquaGenie sets your water consumption goals and lights up to remind you to meet them, even adjusting your goals if your activity or the weather suggests you should drink more.

AquaGenie is your daily companion that keeps you on track and fully hydrated, helping you achieve all your health, wellness, fitness and weight loss goals! Attractive, durable, easy to wash and easy to use, your AquaGenie tracks your consumption, reports it to most fitness apps, and goes with you everywhere.

The AquaGenie bottle knows your daily water goal and how much you’ve had to drink. To keep you on track, when it sees you’re behind, a glowing ring at the base of the bottle lights up to remind you to take a sip. It’s that simple!

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