Three ways that phones are changing the world of drone usage

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Smartphones are the new multi-purpose tech tools. Aside from the basic communication function, it is now used today for shopping, banking, investing, home security, and much more. Mobile phones have revolutionized so extensively that they are now used to operate drones. This allows for more flexibility and ease of drone use that beginners can easily manipulate these tech toys. Even drones for kids have become widely popular because smartphones allow safe and flexible use. Gone are the days when drones required actual computers for manipulation.

If you are thinking about buying a drone, you might as well explore the possibilities of using it with the help of a mobile device. To do this, you need to pair your smartphone with a drone. Some apps can also be downloaded to allow you to take control of your drone for various uses. There are various ways phones are changing drone use. Here are some of them:

1. First person flight experience

By using certain apps, you can connect your drone camera to your smartphone and have an experience like being in the cockpit. You will have a clear view of where your drone is heading. This also helps in securing the flight path and position your drone according to your preference. The first person flight experience is one of the reasons many are enjoying drone usage, especially children.

Autopilot mode on drones allows the user to focus on camera shots for an excellent outcome.

2. Advanced GPS controls

Maps with multiple GPS coordinates can be plotted using an app on your smartphone to guide the destination of your drone. Once plotted, the drone will go on autopilot and hit each location. This technique is often used for multiple locations, shots for photos, and videos. Autopilot mode on drones allows the user to focus on camera shots for an excellent outcome. GPS tracking also sends back communication to your control so you know the exact location of your drone.

3. Diagnostic data feedbacking

It may sometimes be challenging to know the status of your drone during flight, especially when you are still trying to get the best shot or wait for it to reach a specific location. Even provided flight-time information may not be sufficient as battery usage may vary. Through your smartphone, you can get real-time information of your drone’s status including location and remaining battery charge. This will help you maximize every flight and avoid crashing your drone while flying due to an empty battery.

There are also apps that provide information about drones, updates on latest news and developments, information on buying and selling, and many others that can also help you learn about drone-buying and usage. While RC transmitters still have features that can’t be found in smartphones when it comes to drone usage, mobile phones still have lots to offer for your enjoyment and convenience. It is recommended to find the smartphones that are compatible with your drone and to choose apps that give you more flexibility to use and manipulate your drone. Look for reviews of phones and apps for drone usage to give you better insight on what to use.

Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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