PLIQO bag packs your formal clothes into a carry-on friendly size


Many people travel for business, and many of those people need to wear suits for said business. That doesn’t mean that those people want to travel while wearing those suits. Flying is often an uncomfortable experience even in your most comfortable clothes, adding a suit on top of that could just be unbearable for some. The PLIQO bag wants to consolidate your suit or other formalwear into a package roughly the size of your laptop bag. Air travel isn’t the only area where PLIQO can be of assistance though.

Biking to work has become increasingly popular, though once again, chances are very good you aren’t going to want to wear a suit while biking. Maybe you just want to get to wherever you’re going and then change into your suit or other formalwear. That’s a definite possibility too. PLIQO opens up to allow an impressive 127 cm by 66 cm (50 inches by 26 inches) of space before folding and closing to a mere 39 cm by 30 cm by 8 cm (16 inches by 12 inches by 3.5 inches). There are, admittedly, quite a few steps to get from suit to small parcel, but PLIQO has created several instructional videos to show how it all works, including the overall process below:

The hangers for the pants and coat attach to the bag via magnets. The suit hanger folds enabling it to collapse into the small, compact package that it ends up as. Possibly the best news for frequent travelers, PLIQO is considered a “laptop bag” by many major airlines, meaning it can be your “small personal item” in addition to your one allotted carry-on bag.

PLIQO is funding now on Kickstarter, and on their first day, they’re well on their way to funding and have successfully raised £26,780 of their £35,000 goal ($34.764 out of $45,326 USD based on current conversion rates). You can get in on the early-bird discount during the first three days of the campaign (52 hours to go based on the time of this article) which gets you a PLIQO Bag for £100 (Approximately $130 USD). After the early-bird period is up, the Kickstarter price goes up to £120 (approximately $156 USD).

PLIQO also has a few other options available, including a shoe bag, and some PLIQO branded mobile accessories. They also have the PLIQO LUX level, which gets you a PLIQO bag with a nice leather exterior. Stretch goals for the project include a bag designed especially for women and a re-designed bag geared specifically for active commuters.

Do you like what you see from PLIQO? Check out their campaign video below, and then head to the Kickstarter link below that to back the project. You can also tell us what you think about PLIQO in the comment section below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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