EverSleep gives you the power of a medical sleep study in the form of a wearable


Plenty of wearables claim to track your sleep, and many of them do to some extent. The majority of fitness trackers out there simply monitor your movement at night. While that can be beneficial in knowing how your night of sleep shakes out, it’s missing some important information. A medical sleep study can give you all kinds of metrics about your sleep habits as well as your body, but those are often expensive, and require referrals from your doctor before you can even get in the door. EverSleep wants to give you the power and results of a medical sleep study without the hassle or expense. They’re funding now on Indiegogo.

EverSleep looks in many ways like a standard fitness tracker. Sure, it’s got a wired finger O2 sensor sticking up out of the top, but otherwise you wear it on your wrist as you would any other tracker. The similarities end there for the most part. Many “sleep trackers” only track movement, as mentioned above. EverSleep tracks movement too, but it doesn’t stop there. Its sensors allow it to track movement, heart rate, respiratory function, blood oxygen, snoring, and other sleep-related metrics.

EverSleep Comparison
Beddit comes close, but other wearables just don’t match up.

The founders of EverSleep include two medical device engineers and one sleep clinician, so they ought to know what they’re talking about. The EverSleep app will take the data gleaned from the device and provide coaching and actionable tips to help with any sleep issues you may have. They are quick to point out that some issues — including sleep apnea and other similar conditions — do still require a doctor visit. EverSleep can, however, provide some peace of mind. If you’re worried that you may have sleep apnea, EverSleep should be able to help determine whether or not you need to see your doctor. If you maybe just need to position yourself a bit differently it will tell you so. If you are legitimately having problems that require a doctor it will let you know that as well.

If you’re having trouble sleeping and think that EverSleep could help, the Indiegogo campaign has a month to go. They’ve already raised just over $6000 of their $40,000 USD goal. During the early stages of the campaign you can still get the Super Early Bird tier with an EverSleep band for $99 USD, which is a 50% savings over the expected MSRP of $199. Check out the video of EverSleep in action below, and then hit up the Indiegogo campaign for more information and to back the project.

What do you think about EverSleep? Tell us all about it in the comment section below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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