Chipotle reveals it was the victim of point of sale malware


Chipotle has had its fair share of major problems over the past few years. The biggest problem the company faced was the major E. coli outbreak it faced in stores across the country. The outbreak in Chipotle stores was huge and the company’s chief executive knew of the issue months beforehand. The incident has had an effect on the company’s bottom-line and they have tried to regroup and fix the brand image. At one point the company even closed all Chipotle restaurants for a nationwide day of training of their employees. Now the company is facing another bug, this time it’s not E. coli but POS malware.

The company has been hit with a point of sale (POS) malware bug in 47 states including Washington, DC. POS malware is a favorite way for hackers to harvest user’s credit card information, which they either use or sell on the Dark web.

“The malware searched for track data (which sometimes has cardholder name in addition to card number, expiration date, and internal verification code) read from the magnetic stripe of a payment card as it was being routed through the POS device,” Chipotle said in its latest summary of the incident.

“There is no indication that other customer information was affected.”

Chipotle says that not every store was affected by the malware. They do recommend customers who may have been at one of their locations between March 24th and April 18th watch their bank statements. POS malware bugs are pretty commonplace and many other companies have been victims of this in the past.

Besides just watching your accounts you could just have your credit card replaced with a new one, rendering the old info invalid. These are the risks we take everyday living in a digital age and trying to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals.

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