Three Ways technology has helped healthcare recruitment


Technology has provided advancements in many industries and has made performing various tasks more efficient and better quality. While the healthcare field has evolved over time due to the advancements in technology, so has recruiting for staff that are qualified to work in the industry. Due to the increased demands on the healthcare system and the constant need for staffing, many providers have moved towards hiring professional recruiting teams to get some recruiting help. This article will identify several ways in which technology has helped with healthcare recruitment over the past few years.

  1. Global reach. Technology has allowed for recruiters to find well-qualified candidates all over the world. No longer do you have to post your position in a newspaper to only have access to a small number of qualified applicants. Now with the internet and the birth of job boards and professional networking sites, you can find highly skilled candidates from all over the world without having to leave your couch. In addition, if the position allows, you can now hire people to do work from home and telecommute. This can cut down on costs as you may be able to pay the person a decent wage that is comparable to their environment but will save you money as your currency may be stronger than theirs.
  2. Say goodbye to bias. Hiring a diverse workforce is a top priority for many leaders in the healthcare industry. A recruiting firm can assist with this value as it most likely has access to software programs that can omit any information in an applicant’s documents that may give off some sort of bias such as but not limited to identity or race. In addition, this technology can also help a recruiter search for a specific gender. For example, if your team is made up of mostly males, your recruiter can work hard to find a female qualified candidate to assist in balancing your team. Another great way that a recruiting firm can assist with eliminating bias is by looking at the job description and desired qualifications and bring phrases to your attention that could be identified as “gender wording.” Gender wording can attract a certain type of candidate and deter others from applying. Often times an employer does not even know this is a point of contention.
  3. Software. Not only has software improved access to healthcare and the ability to archive information, but it has also increased the ability to recruit top candidates to positions. Many new graduates are utilizing their smartphones to conduct their job search through apps. Healthcare recruitment has followed suit and many are finding that they are accessing outstanding candidates by offering an app or in-app information about a specific healthcare provider.

Finding the top candidate to fulfill a job vacancy can be quite a challenge but it does not have to be. With the advancement in technology through global reach, eliminating bias, and new software that makes recruiting from a computer or smartphone easy, you can be well on your way to having a top notch team in no time.


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