Seidio Galaxy S8+ case review: Seidio brings the game


TA-ratings-85The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have been out for awhile now and more cases are coming to market for them. This batch of Seidio Galaxy S8 and Seidio Galaxy S8+ cases continue on with Seidio’s strong and tough reputation. There are many cases on the market to choose from but the Seidio Galaxy S8 cases are among the best of the best and they just might be your next case.


The Seidio Galaxy S8+ cases have the following features and specifications:

Seidio Optik

  • Uniquely enhanced, raised corners provide excellent drop protection
  • Provides scratch protection and absorbs shocks to device
  • Slim design is only 2.0mm thin
  • Flexible single-layer design features durable, translucent TPU
  • Raised edges lift your screen and camera lens away from hard surfaces
  • Buttons maintain all usability with added protection from TPU
  • Precision cutouts for headphones and power port allow for easy access

Seidio Surface

  • Ultra-Slim look and feel
  • Overall thickness of 2mm
  • Sleek case that provides scratch protection for your device
  • Precision cut-outs for access to controls, ports, microphones, speakers, and camera
  • Magnetic zinc-alloy kickstand provides convenience by easily snapping back in when not in use

Seidio Dilex

  • Certified 6 ft. impact protection with unique corner cushion and dual layer design
  • Signature Hexguard Technology on inner TPU layer adds more shock protection in the event of impact
  • Zinc-alloy, magnetic kickstand for viewing media and snaps back into place when not in use
Seidio Galaxy S8
Seidio Optik


Seidio Optik Case

The Seidio Optik is a very basic TPU style case and is clear so it will show off the phone design better. All of the buttons are tactile and the cutouts are well done. The TPU material is very grippy so that’s a plus knowing this shouldn’t slip out of your hand.

Seidio Surface Case

The Seidio Surface is the next step up in protection with a slim inner TPU guard and a harder outer shell. This Surface is identical to the iPhone version (except for the obvious differences). The inner TPU slides into the outer hard shell. To take it apart, just pull the upper and lower part of the hard shell apart. The buttons are still very tactile here and feel good, the hard shell also has a bit of a grippy texture which is nice to have.

Seidio Dilex Case

This Seidio Dilex is the final step of protection in this series of Seidio Galaxy S8 cases. It’s the heaviest and thickest of the bunch but manages to feel good in the hand. The buttons are really tactile here, Seidio has done a great job with that. The cutouts are all good here as well.

Overall all three of these cases are nice. The Surface and the Dilex have that signature Seido kickstand. I did read one Amazon review complaining about the kickstand. They cited it was too difficult to pull out but I didn’t find that to be the case. What I will say is, Seidio needs some new designs. These seem like the same designs we’ve seen for the past year or two and I would love to see them change up the look. You can also get a holster for either the Surface or Dilex, if you’re into holsters.

Seidio Galaxy S8
Seidio Surface


Seidio Optik Case

The Seidio Optik is as bare bones as you’re going to get. It will protect against minor spills and drops but this is by no means a heavy duty case, but it does show off your phone.

Seidio Surface Case

The Seidio Surface offers up a bit more protection with its dual-layer design. The inner TPU acts like a shock absorber and the outer shell helps take the brunt of the physical impact. It’s not super heavy duty but it will certainly take a better lickin’ than the Optik.

Seidio Dilex Case

The Seidio Dilex is the toughest of the bunch, it also has that dual-layer tech but both the inner TPU and the outer shell are far more rugged. This case is going to provide the best protection of the three but it’s also not overbearingly thick or cumbersome.

Seidio Galaxy S8
Seidio Dilex


Seidio Optik Case

At $14.95USD this is a solid choice for basic protection and if you like clear then this will serve you well.

[button link=”” icon=”fa-shopping-cart” side=”left” target=”blank” color=”285b5e” textcolor=”ffffff”]Purchase Seidio Optik from Amazon $14.95[/button]

Seidio Surface Case

At $29.95USD the Surface is slimmer than the Dilex but for $5 more you could get better protection from the Dilex, it will depend on if you like slim or slightly thicker.

[button link=”” icon=”fa-shopping-cart” side=”left” target=”blank” color=”285b5e” textcolor=”ffffff”]Purchase Seidio Surface from Amazon $29.95[/button]

Seidio Dilex Case

At $34.95 the Seidio Dilex is probably the best value for money here. I think it will provide the best protection and also offer everything else the other two offer. While I don’t think it’s awfully thick, some people may.

[button link=”” icon=”fa-shopping-cart” side=”left” target=”blank” color=”285b5e” textcolor=”ffffff”]Purchase Seidio Dilex from Amazon $34.95[/button]

Wrap Up

Seidio has brought its game again with this round of cases, they all live up to the expectations I hold for the company. I do wish they would come up with some new designs to stir things up a bit but these designs are still nice, they’re just getting a little stale.

*We were sent review samples of the Seidio Galaxy S8+ cases for the purposes of this review.

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