Porsche being investigated by German prosecutors over diesel emissions


You might remember Volkswagen’s diesel emissions problems. Now those problems are coming to haunt their Porsche brand as German prosecutors set their sights on the Porsche brand. Prosecutors suspect that Porsche may have sold vehicles that had software which manipulated emissions readings. It’s basically the same allegations as the Volkswagen case except with a far more expensive range of vehicles.

Volkswagen has taken a few its diesel models off of the market while the company deals with accusations of cheating emissions tests by installing software in Volkswagen and Audi models which recognize when an emissions test is occurring. The emissions control is only used to its maximum capacity while an emissions test is being administered. The EPA estimates that when the models are driving normally, they could be producing over 40 times the legal amount of nitrogen oxides.

According to Bloomberg, the investigation has been going on for around a year and has been informal — until now. It is now being escalated and prosecutors are looking into individual roles of Porsche employees — none of who are named. If Volkswagen gets dinged for their sport-luxury line of cars it could be a pretty big financial hit considering these cars aren’t exactly cheap. In the Volkswagen case, many owners either had repairs to their vehicles or outright replacements. This will be an interesting case to follow to see if German prosecutors take any sort of action against VW’s expensive brand.

What do you think of the possibility Porsche may get roped into Volkswagen’s diesel-emissions problems? Are you a VW, Audi, or Porsche diesel owner? Were you affected by the VW repair/replacement? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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