[RUMOR] iPhone 8 may come in a mirror finish variant

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Just when I thought we had exhausted all of the iPhone 8 rumors a new one creeps up today. Apple may be offering up the iPhone 8 in a new mirror finish variant. Much like the Jet Black that is available now, it will be very reflective and shiny. If this rumor proves to be true, Apple isn’t the first to do this. The first phone that came to mind when I read this rumor was the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, pictured above. I had a chance to play with a Xperia like this at CES and the thing was a fingerprint magnet.

I’m sure Apple’s version will be much the same, even their Jet Black version is a fingerprint magnet. There have been complaints surrounding the Jet Black version as it easily scratches and some have even started chipping. One wonders what a mirror finish version will be composed of. Will it scratch easily? I guess we will find out come September if this rumor is even true. Apple will still offer Jet Black, Black, Rose Gold, Silver, and Gold variants. I guess they wanted something a little more blingy than the Jet Black.

We’re more interested to see if they integrate the fingerprint sensor into the display or they get rid of it in favor of face unlock technology. One thing that most haven’t discussed is a revamping of the user interface. That is one thing on our wish list, we’d love to see iOS change from it’s fixed grid and allow the user to manipulate the look a bit more. As usual, all the buzz is surrounding the hardware changes and it’s highly unlikely we’ll see any significant software changes. As much as we want them.

What do you think of a mirrored iPhone 8? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.


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