Mini-O speaker promises big sound from the size of a credit card


A credit card sized speaker with big sound? That’s what Flato is promising with their Mini-O Bluetooth speaker. The consumer Bluetooth speaker space is pretty well saturated. If Flato can deliver on its promise, it may have a winner. Flato claims the Mini-O is credit card sized and it is, to an extent. There is no way you’re going to slip this speaker into your wallet like a credit card but it will slip into any pocket. If the company’s flat magnetic speaker technology can deliver the big sound it’s promising, it will sell.

For many years, speaker technology has not advanced significantly and the cone-shaped diaphragm has remained in almost all speakers. Flat magnetic speaker technology allows Mini-O to surpass the limitations of conventional speaker design and be a lot smaller and lighter while still producing incredible output. Mini-O only weighs 68 grams which is less than half the weight of the iPhone 7. It has dimensions of 2.16 x 4.25 x 0.60 inches (H x L x W) compared to the iPhone 7’s dimensions of 2.64 x 5.44 x 0.28 inches.

Combined with 4.2 Bluetooth, 6-Watt output, and crystal clear audio, Mini-O’s specifications are unparalleled by any other speakers, especially if you consider the affordable prices of $29 for one and $55 for two. Mini-O also offers True Wireless Stereo Technology (TWS) which allows two Mini-Os to be connected via Bluetooth and played simultaneously through the same device. This advanced technology offers great surrounding stereo sound to maximize listening experience.

Co-founders Peter Moeckel and Brian Cho had this to say about the product they’re trying to Kickstart.

“You will not find another speaker with comparable output quality and volume that is this portable. Throw in the price point and Mini-O is truly unparalleled.” ~Peter Moeckel~

“Because of the nature of the speaker product, you can’t tell the real beauty of Mini-O until you actually listen for yourself. I guarantee you. You will be surprised by its quality and what it is capable of.” ~Brian Cho~

That $29USD Kickstarter price is pretty tempting if the speaker can output the quality Moeckel is touting. Check out the Kickstarter link below to find out more and support the Mini-O campaign.

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