Mionix wants you to have a Fresh Desk with a new mechanical keyboard, colorful keycap and mouse options

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Mionix has done a lot of things right. We had a chance to look at their new Castor mouse shortly after its release and found it to be a quality gaming mouse. We also got some hands-on time with their Quantified Gaming mouse at CES a few years ago, and came away impressed as well. Now, Mionix wants you to have a fresh desk.

They’ve recently released a new line of Castor “Flavors” which add some color and fun to what is normally a pretty drab desktop item. They’ve also released a brand new mechanical keyboard: Wei. Wei features replaceable keycaps in some of the same fun “flavors,” along with full RGB lighting controls while the Mionix Long Pads (think a longer, narrower mouse pad) include some interesting fast food patterns. We’ll have a full review for the Wei mechanical keyboard in the future.

A series of videos hopes to inject some laughs into your hardware buying process too.


You can read more about the Mionix #GetFresh campaign in the full press release below, and check out Mionix products at their website, Mionix.io. What do you think about Wei, the Castor flavors, and the Mionix Long Pads? Tell us in the comment section below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.



Get a Fresh Desk

New Wei keyboard, colored keycaps and Long Pads complete
Mionix’ 2017 #GetFresh Collection

Malmö, Sweden – June 21, 2017 – We’re Mionix. We can do anything, but we chose to make the desktop a happier place.

Following the launch of the Castor flavors earlier this year we are now completing the desk with the launch of the  mechanical keyboard Wei, a fresh set of Keycaps in Frosting, French Fries and Ice Cream colorways as well as a line of crisp Long Pads with the already iconic fast food pattern.

Wei is a full size mechanical keyboard extraordinaire, crafted in a low profile aluminium body, powered by macOS and WIndows software and to top it all off we threw in full RGB lighting and Cherry MX switches…Remember, we can do anything.

To celebrate the 2017 #GetFresh collection we have created a series of videos that show just how incredibly funny we are and why you will want to be our friend… or precisely not.



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