Todd McFarlane spills more about the next Spawn movie

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According to creator Todd McFarlane, the next Spawn movie is in “rough draft” form and done. The man who gained popularity through Marvel’s Spider-Man series and later famously left the company to start Image Comics is still wrestling with his Spawn movie idea. McFarlane says studios have been contacting him about the movie but he has made no promises or commitments. However, he has told everyone who has contacted him how things will go, should someone be interested in taking on the project.

Just so everybody knows. I will write, produce, direct and it’s non-negotiable and if you have a moment’s hesitation to that sentence then we’ve got to end this conversation right here and now.

McFarlane continues to insist that the next Spawn movie shouldn’t be an $80 million dollar effort but a smaller $10 million dollar effort which is why he thinks he should write, produce, and direct. McFarlane is confident in his script and said none of the parties he’s talked to have ruled out his desire to run the show.

McFarlane also suggests that Hollywood studios are confusing his vision of a “supernatural” movie with a “superhero” movie. The next Spawn movie will be less like The Avengers and more like Unbreakable. Sure Unbreakable had a $75 million dollar budget in 2000 but that was 17 years ago, $10 million could go a long way if used correctly.

Again, I’m never going to be able to rub the “superhero” title off of it, because I grew up as a superhero artist.

McFarlane is certainly sticking to his guns saying that “corporate characters” can only go so far and Spawn just doesn’t fit into that world. I admire the man standing up for his art and not selling out so I sincerely hope there is a studio out there willing to take him up on his vision.

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