Could this be the final design of the upcoming iPhone 8?

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As usual, the iPhone rumors continue to swirl around tech circles with everyone speculating on features and looks. Of course, we won’t actually know what the final design, specifications, or pricing will be until September but Forbes thinks they may have the best idea. As you can tell from our featured image, Forbes final design isn’t far off from earlier renders. One thing that stood out to me is the notification bar. The way it’s incorporated into the ear piece, camera, and sensors is really slick.

According to Forbes, this final design will keep the Lightning Port but possibly use USB Type-C for the opposite end. Many were hoping Apple would just adopt USB Type-C and ditch the Lightning connection but that’s likely not happening.

final design
Lightning port stays. Image courtesy Forbes/Gordon Kelly and Nodus

Gordon Kelly, writing for Forbes, is pretty insistent that this is the final design of the iPhone 8 and has been collaborating with luxury case maker Nodus on the findings.

What you see above is a finalised hardware design. An enlarged, elongated 5.8-inch display is surrounded by dramatically reduced bezels of approximately 4mm on all sides, the theory being the iPhone 8 won’t be as prone to accidental input like the Infinity and Edge displays on Samsung’s premium Galaxy smartphones.

Most of the other rumors are repeated by Forbes. There was one nugget I found interesting though, supposedly Apple is making the power button larger as seen below. According to Forbes, this could be a secondary location for a fingerprint reader should Touch ID fail to be integrated into the front panel. Interesting indeed.

final design
The power button is bigger, perhaps for a fingerprint sensor? Image courtesy Forbes/Gordon Kelly and Nodus.

If this is the final design of the iPhone 8, it’s not far off from what we have today. Smaller bezels (supposedly 4mm all the way around), no home button, bigger screen to body ratio, and a repositioned camera module are really all we’re seeing here. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited to get my mitts on the device but this is hardly revolutionary.

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