Focal Spark Wireless headphone review: Great sound without wires

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The Focal Spark wireless headphones are the wireless version of the Spark wired headphones which I reviewed earlier this month. How do they compare to their tethered twin? Are they worth the TA-ratings-95extra $30 USD? We’ll find out as I review the latest offering from Focal to receive our Top Pick for 2017 award.


  • Aluminum Finish body
  • 9.5mm Mylar driver
  • Flat anti-tangle cable
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 3 button remote with omnidirectional mic
  • Battery up to 8 hours
  • 14g weight

What’s In The Box

  • Spark Wireless headphones
  • 3 pair silicone ear tips
  • USB cable
  • Battery clip for sports activities
  • Rigid carrying case


The design of the Focal Spark wireless headphones is identical to that of its wired counterpart. The exceptions are of course the addition of a battery housing, a larger control, and the obvious lack of a cord connecting the headphones to your device. The Spark wireless headphones are available in pink, black, and silver.

The Spark wireless headphones are very tiny and lightweight, and yet they feel very solidly built. The body is black, it appears to be made of plastic, but I’m not really sure about that. It could be aluminum, either way; it has the feel of a quality build to it. There is an aluminum finish on the outer part of the headphone with the Focal logo stamped out and what appears to be a mesh behind it. I would assume that the mesh is for the purpose of air flow for the speaker inside. The ear tips are translucent, which give you an interesting glimpse of the structure underneath. There is a flat anti-tangle cable and an inline control as well. The control for the wireless headphones is quite a bit larger than the wired set, I would say about twice the size. Even with the larger control, the headphones are still very small and lightweight.

The fit and comfort was also very good on the Spark wireless headphones. I noticed that the earphones did tend to slip out of position during times of greater activity. They never came completely out of the ear but did require readjustment if I was walking fast or jogging. Despite this, the Spark wireless headphones are one of the best fitting that I have ever tried.


The sound that the Focal Spark wireless headphones reproduce is very much the same as that of the wired pair of Spark headphones. It is well balanced with just a bit more bass than treble or midrange. The treble is not as bright as it could be, but it is only barely noticeable and by no means a deal breaker. Midrange sounds just fine, and the bass really comes through in a head pounding sort of way. It’s not so overpowering that it will give you a headache, but if definitely lets its presence be known. If you like bass, these headphones should fit the bill just fine.

The sound isolation provided by the ear tips is more than adequate to offer a nice quiet environment for peacefully listening to your music. All in all, the sound of the Spark wireless headphones is excellent and should please even the most discerning listener.

Focal Spark wireless
High end materials used on the Spark wireless headphones.

Reception/Call quality

I’ll preface this section as I usually do, I don’t like making calls on any kind of headphone/earphone. I prefer making calls the old fashioned way, with my device against my ear. That being said, I know there are many of you who do make calls with your headphones. So I made a few calls to test the quality of the Focal Spark wireless headphones, and I found that the call quality of the Focal Spark wireless headphones was spectacular. The sound was better than I expected. It was so good I almost felt as if I was sitting in the same room with the other person. Their voice sounds very natural, there was no echo, and ambient sound was not a problem. The other person said the call quality was much better than usual. If you like taking calls with your earphones in, the Spark wireless headphones will not disappoint.

The reception of the Spark wireless headphones was acceptable at about 35 feet. Once I moved beyond 35 feet, the signal began to waver. I’m not sure about you, but I tend to keep my phone pretty close to my side. I don’t see a range of 35 feet as being a problem, it seemed to be more than sufficient to me.

Battery Life

I tested the Focal Spark wireless headphones with a full charge, the volume set at 50% and the source no farther than 2 feet away at all times during the test. Focal claims an 8-hour battery life for the Spark wireless headphones. I was able to get 11 hours and 25 minutes out of the pair I tested before the music stopped. Your results may vary depending on volume and signal strength from source.


The Focal Spark wireless headphones have a price of $99.00 USD. If you’re looking for a pair of wireless headphones with great sound, make sure you check the Spark wireless headphones out.

Spark wireless headphones.

Wrap Up

The Focal Spark wireless headphones offer the same great sound as the wired Spark headphones but give you the freedom from wires that you may need if you’re on the move quite a bit. Whether you are commuting, exercising, or hard at work, going wireless always makes being on the move easier.

*We were sent a review sample of the Focal Spark wireless headphones for the purposes of this review.


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