Where is Xur and what is he selling? August 4th – 6th edition

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Iron Banner is back with one last go round before Destiny 2 comes out next month. Hope everyone is stoked about it and ready to spend hours upon hours on the game. But, we’ve still got Xur here until the time comes before Destiny 1 starts to become only a memory. Even Xur is pretty much out of things to sell this week, so you know Bungie could be halting everything slowly.

Xur is over at the Reef social space cooped up in his usual hole. Upon arriving at the Reef, head right down some stairs and turn right one more time and you’ll see Xur on the left in an area that’s usually blocked off. Here’s a week of disappointment for some people if you’re looking for weapons, Xur is out of stock on those but does have bundles to offer. The only thing he has is armor and they’re not really that good unless you’re a Titan. There’s no telling if this is a glitch or not, but we’ll see next week.

This weekend Xur is selling:

  • Legacy Heavy Weapon Engram – 29 Strange Coins
  • Thagomizers (Gauntlets) for Titan Class – 13 Strange Coins
  • Radiant Dance Machines (Boots) for Hunter Class – 13 Strange Coins
  • Sunbreakers  (Gauntlets) for Warlock Class – 13 Strange Coins
  • The Last Word w/ Addendum ornament – 30 Strange Coins and 25 Silver Dust
  • Telesto w/ Queen’s Command ornament – 30 Strange Coins and 25 Silver Dust

Xur is also offering the usual upgrade to your Sparrow, which includes the Plasma Drive, or the Emerald Coil for 23 Strange Coins. There’s also Heavy Ammo Synthesis for 1 or 3 Strange Coins, Glass Needles for 3 Strange Coin/3 Mote of Light/1 exotic shard, a Mote of Light for 2 Strange Coins, Exotic Shard for 7 Strange Coin, and Three of Coins is available for 7 Strange Coin.

What are your thoughts about Xur’s offerings this weekend? Let us know by leaving your comments down below, or on Google+Twitter, or Facebook.


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