My Little Pediatrician Kit review: Engage your little doctor’s curiosity

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TA-ratings-98We love reviewing tech gadgets and tech gear here at Techaeris but we also like to mix it up a bit. Being a father of five kids and also a technology geek, I know the importance of educating kids. I also know the importance of breaking them away from tech devices and getting into real educational play. You know, the old fashioned way with paper, crayons, and dress up clothes. The My Little Pediatrician Kit engages kid’s curiosity about doctors and pediatricians and helps them learn a little of what these professionals do in real life. Read on for our review of the My Little Pediatrician Kit from Little Medical School and find out why it takes a Techaeris Top Pick Award for 2017.

What’s In The Box

  • Luxury plush baby
  • Diaper
  • Diaper wipes
  • Markers
  • Activity sheets
  • Diploma
  • Birth/Adoption certificate
  • White doctors coat
  • Tape measure
  • Baby ID bracelet
  • Student Doctor ID badge
  • Cardboard stethoscope
  • Cardboard Otoscope
  • Box can be used as crib and includes mattress
Some of what’s in the box.


The My Little Pediatrician Kit mostly consists of paper, markers, and cardboard. But there is an included plush baby that feels fairly premium and well made. The rest of the kit has a variety of forms and papers used to navigate your child through the world of being a pediatrician. The diploma, birth certificate, and other documentation are all made from quality paper and the markers are great as well. The box itself is supposed to be used as a crib for the included baby and comes with a thin mattress. The mattress is kind of thin and chintzy looking but I guess the stuffed baby won’t mind.

Also included is a white doctors coat which is very high quality, considering many kids dress up kits are cheap junk. Overall the design is great, the important things like the baby and doctors coat are very high quality and I feel will last for a good long time.


The My Little Pediatrician Kit comes with all the tools a little doctor would need to take care of their plush baby (see what’s in the box). My five-year-old daughter has had a high interest in being a doctor for several years. This kit takes role play a step further than other doctors kits in that it incorporates educational material. The pediatrician workbook will help parents guide their little one through what a doctor does during an exam and show them how to do it.

The workbook gives detailed (age appropriate) instructions and reasons why certain examinations happen when visiting a doctor. Once the child has an understanding of the why they get to perform the exam on their plush baby. Rounding out the experience, the kit has the child fill out an assessment form showing the findings of the examination.

It’s a really well put together kit that engages the mind, encourages kids to think, and gives them a feel for what a real doctor would do. We loved this kit as my kids love interactive play and role play activities. It’s very nice to have a toy that doesn’t rely on a smartphone or tablet and fosters imaginative and educational play.

Future doctor?


Priced at $49.99USD I think there’s great value here. While it’s true that some of the materials aren’t reusable here, you could always photocopy them to have extras. For parents seeking to rip their kid’s eyes off of screens and put them into interactive play, this kit holds tremendous value.

Wrap Up

The My Little Pediatrician Kit is a great way to engage young minds and show them what doctors really do. If you’re looking for an educational toy that puts the smartphone and tablet away, this is a great choice.

*We were sent a sample of the My Little Pediatrician Kit for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on August 7, 2017.


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