The future of the GoPro – it’s not just a camera

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Ever since GoPro sold its first camera back in 2004, the company has made sure that it’s never just been about selling the camera itself.  GoPro has always been about the experience. Across the internet, you can see examples of impressive and exhilarating activities, all filmed using a GoPro. Just selling a camera was always going to be a tough ask for the company. Consider the amount of competition from smartphones. Add the immersiveness of the experience into the mix and GoPro was onto a winner.

The GoPro product development team has been busy

The impressive GoPro Hero 6 is set for launch near the end of this year.

The market suggests that GoPro is currently performing much better than experts predicted. Performance has a lot to do with current and future developments.  Although it stuttered in the beginning, the Karma drone is now producing better results for aerial photography. The launch of the product in Europe is likely to improve GoPro’s financial standing.

This is not the only new product that is launching in 2017. The impressive GoPro Hero 6 is set for launch near the end of this year. Here are some of the latest rumors. The latter part of the year could also see the launch of the 5.2k spherical camera.

It’s not just about new hardware products either. GoPro is expanding on the experience theme with a new video editing app, QuickStories. This app follows GoPro’s 2016 acquisitions of video editing companies Stupeflix and Vemory.

Initial opinions about the app have not been entirely positive. GoPro CEO Nick Woodman seems to have great faith in the product. It certainly does provide an efficient way of sharing the GoPro experience across social media.

The future for GoPro

It seems to be an exciting time in the GoPro world. Want to see what all the fuss is about, without spending a small fortune on the latest product? Many GoPro products can be bought on sites such as Gumtree, at discounted prices.

Why the experience sells GoPro

The essence of GoPro takes us away from the mundane nature of everyday life. That is what sells.

The thing about GoPro is that it has become synonymous with adventure. You see someone with a GoPro camera and you expect them to be heading off to climb a cliff, trek through a forest, or mountain bike down a trail. The essence of GoPro takes us away from the mundane nature of everyday life. That is what sells. However, even the excitement of GoPro is not invincible. The company did undergo a drop in sales, which made it necessary for evolution to take place.

GoPro photo by Jeremy Bishop

Experience has always been at the forefront of the GoPro brand. You think of the GoPro name and you think about adventure.  Even with this emphasis on experience, GoPro experienced a rocky time in the market. This seems to have been turned around with new product development and features being produced at a rapid pace. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for GoPro.

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Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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