Google Chrome may get a mute setting to stop annoying auto-play ads


Admit it, no one likes auto-playing ads when they’re visiting their favorites website on a daily basis because you could be in the middle of reading and next thing you know, boom! — a video starts playing on its own and you have to scroll to find it and pause it. It’s tedious, but those videos can be muted at any point in time whenever you’re on that specific site by right clicking the tab the sound is on and choosing “mute tab.” The draw back, though, is once you close out of that tab or browser, sound from ads or videos will come back. Google is experimenting on fixing this thanks to a new update to Google Chrome’s Canary development build allowing you to mute/unmute tabs indefinitely for a specific site.

François Beaufort from Google posted on his Google+ yesterday that “the Chrome team is currently experimenting with a setting to mute/unmute a website directly from the Page Info bubble.” With it being an experiment as of now, that means it’s available in the Canary build for Chrome so it could be a little bit of time before it’s actually released to the public — if at all. Hopefully, it will hit the stable release of Chrome as this will save a lot of people from having to consistently mute tabs over and over again when they get back into Chrome.

Google is already working on settings for Chrome that will block even the most annoying ads and videos that automatically play, but that won’t be until next year.  This latest experiment is a step in the right direction for allowing users to permanently mute tabs. For those who are using the Canary build, have you seen the option to mute tabs yet? Let us know how it’s working out in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on August 26, 2017.


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