Lenovo pulls the curtain back on its Explorer Windows Mixed Reality headset

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Augmented, Virtual, and Windows Mixed Reality seem to be the big new tech push this year. More manufacturers are throwing their hats into the ring. Today, Lenovo pulled the curtain back on their offering, the Lenovo Explorer headset. The company says the Explorer is lightweight and comfortable which will make for long-lasting mixed reality sessions. Lenovo also says this is the simplest PC-VR/MR setup ever, meaning plug, update, play with no external sensor needed.

The Explorer works across a range of compatible PCs and is not tied to Lenovo PCs alone. As far as content goes, there’s plenty to choose from including games, movies, TV and other “experiences.” The headset is also portable which means you can take it to the office, on trips, or just about anywhere you can connect to a compatible desktop or laptop. Lenovo has also created Motion Controllers for the Explorer that give your mixed reality session that much more depth.

Pricing for the Lenovo Explorer and Motion Controllers will start at US$449USD, while retail pricing of the Lenovo Explorer without the Motion Controllers is $349USD. Pricing and availability may vary from country to country. Please refer to Lenovo’s online store in each country for local pricing. All will be globally available beginning in October. Read the full Lenovo press release below.

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Lenovo unveils the Lenovo Explorer immersive headset for Windows Mixed Reality

Upgrade your PC with the Lenovo Explorer, and discover entirely new worlds

One of the most significant upgrades to the personal computer in over a decade is here today, following Lenovo’s latest unveiling of the Lenovo Explorer. A new immersive headset for Windows Mixed Reality, the Lenovo Explorer is designed as a natural extension of your PC, letting users of compatible Mixed Reality laptops and desktops do more of what they love to do: Watch shows in a virtual home office environment, play virtual reality (VR) games, travel the world through tours, enhance their video-watching experience via 3D, 360-degree and 4K videos, browse online or even get things done with Microsoft Office suite.

The headset also allows users free and unfettered natural motion through inside-out positional tracking built into the headset. No external sensors are needed, which means set-up can be accomplished in minutes by simply connecting the built-in Y-cable to your computer USB port and HDMI output.1 And most importantly, the Lenovo Explorer is compatible with many affordable PCs, making it the quintessential mixed reality offering for everyone, with cutting-edge immersion finally becoming an affordable reality.

We’ve designed the Lenovo Explorer to push the door wide open for all users either at work or in the home. In conversations with our customers, they’ve told us that their main priority for VR—aside from affordability—was the comfort. We’ve therefore built our headset from the ground up to be light, snug and comfortable. Anticipating that users will likely need to sustain a high degree of immersion for lengthy VR sessions, we’ve finely calibrated the headset to ensure perfect balance, evenly distributing its weight from the front to the back. Adjustable with cushioning and fitted with a flip-up visor, we’ve made the headset snug and effortless to put on and off. And you’ll look good while you’ve got the headset on—the Lenovo Explorer sports a sleek profile and a premium iron grey finish.

A new way to work and play on your PC

The Lenovo Explorer lets you move around in an area of up to 3.5 by 3.5 meters. Within this space, users can hop, lunge or crouch, with the headset tracking their natural movements with superior fidelity and spatial awareness. That means you won’t need to continually reorient yourself as you move around.

But the true benefit of Windows Mixed Reality comes through in the additional number of ways you now have to interact with your PC in virtual environments. You’ll now find improved options to work and play, watch content and explore the universe, with four different types of input controls: The Lenovo Explorer’s optional Motion Controllers lets you take natural and fine-grained actions in mixed reality. Or you can choose to use an Xbox® controller to allow for easy navigation for certain VR games.

The keyboard and mouse makes the Lenovo Explorer the ultimate productivity life hack for your laptop. Anyone who’s ever put on headphones to block out distractions in an open plan office or noisy home can now choose to also be transported to a virtual space at a Microsoft Mixed Reality “cliff house” next to the sea, where you can actually get some serious writing done, do online research or finish up on that PowerPoint without outside diversions. And when you’re done, flip on a movie or show at the virtual Escape & Play theatre—even while you’re still at work. Finally, the Lenovo Explorer supports voice commands through Cortana.2

Use laptops or desktops.

An expansive content library

When you land in the cliff house, you’ll be greeted with a host of content suggestions to populate your home, with one app per room. The Lenovo Explorer supports tons of high-quality content and works with Windows Mixed Reality to deliver and provide an upgraded PC experience to over 20,000 Windows apps on the Microsoft Store.

Mixed reality literally transforms your viewing experience, making true discovery possible through virtual tours, videos, and photos, with support for 3D, 360° & 4K.

Windows Mixed Reality content will be available for PCs that meet the minimum Windows Mixed Reality specifications.

1 Find out the minimum and recommended Windows Mixed Reality specifications

2 Voice support available only in certain countries.

3 Prices do not include tax or shipping or options and are subject to change without notice; additional terms and conditions apply. Reseller prices may vary. On-shelf dates may vary by geography and products may only be available in selected markets. All offers subject to availability. Lenovo reserves the right to alter product offerings, features and specifications at any time without notice.


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