Lenovo’s Tab 4 series turns into an Echo Show with the Home Assistant Pack

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AR, VR, and MR aren’t the only new technologies fighting for your wallet: digital assistants are as well. Lenovo’s taken a different spin on this with their newly announced Home Assistant Pack. The Home Assistant Pack turns Lenovo’s Tab 4 series of tablets into an Amazon Echo Show. This is basically a really nice speaker that docks to your Tab 4 giving you digital assistant capabilities. The Home Assistant has a “powerful” three-watt speaker that Lenovo says can fill up a large room.

The device also comes with far-field detection which can recognize your voice from up to three meters away from any direction. The speaker also only weighs 300 grams which makes it portable enough to bring along with you at your leisure. If you already own a Lenovo Tab 4 then this could be a great addition at only $69.99USD with availability starting in October. While the idea is certainly cool, Lenovo will be missing some market with the speaker only able to work with Tab 4. Read the full press release below.

Home Assistant
The docking side of the Home Assistant Pack


The Home Assistant Pack makes the Tab 4 series tablets smarter than ever.

Transform your tablets and transform your experiences with an Amazon Alexa-powered Smart Assistant for the home

The Tab 4 series just got a whole lot more versatile, with the introduction of the Lenovo Home Assistant Pack. The Home Assistant works with Amazon Alexa and makes any tablet in the Tab 4 series—the Tab 4 8, Tab 4 10, Tab 4 8 Plus and Tab 4 10 Plus—a voice-activated assistant with a screen.1 Visual information can be shared on screen to go along with responses from the Home Assistant.

The Home Assistant Pack boosts the sound of your Tab 4 with a powerful three-watt speaker that can fill up a large room. Far-field detection recognizes your voice from up to three meters from any direction through two built-in mics. And at 300 grams, it’s as portable as paperback, so you can move it from room to room. Just slide your Tab 4 into the Home Assistant’s docking station, and your screen automatically switches to the Home Assistant interface. And you’re ready to go.

So talk to your Tab 4. Ask your tablet to turn on the Weeknd2 or your coffee maker3. With the Tab 4’s 10- or 8-inch screen, you can now check the latest weather, your timer and calendar and more, through on-screen display cards. All you need to do is ask.

Home Assistant
The Home Assistant Pack only works with Lenovo Tab 4 tablets.

Other optional Tab 4 accessory packs

As one of the most versatile tablets on the market, the Tab 4 series offers two other accessory packs to tailor the tablet further for the family. You can transform your Lenovo Tab 4 into the perfect children’s tablet using the Kid’s Pack and our dedicated Lenovo Kid’s Account, featuring free built-in kids content, safety tools and advanced parental controls. The kid’s pack comes with a shock-resistant bumper, a blue-light filter, and a pair of colorful 3M stickers.

And for parents or teens, the Lenovo Tab 4 10 and Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus can transform into a 2-in-1 Android workhorse through the addition of the optional Productivity Pack—a Bluetooth keyboard that also doubles as a protective sleeve and stand. This integrates with the built-in productivity interface, which features a taskbar and instant app switching, support for multiple windows and optimization for mouse and keyboard operations.

1 Lenovo Home Assistant Pack does not operate without connection to a Tab 4 device.

2 May require a music service subscription

3 An Alexa skill may be required


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