Seidio Dilex review: A slim, rugged case with extra protection for your BlackBerry KEYone

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TA-ratings-95As mentioned in our Seidio Surface case for the BlackBerry KEYone review, the company sent us over a couple cases for the latest device from BlackBerry and TCL. Our Seidio Dilex review takes a look at another slim, but more rugged looking, smartphone case for the BlackBerry KEYone which features 6′ drop protection.


The Seidio Dilex smartphone case has the following features and specifications:

  • Certified 6 ft. impact protection with unique corner cushion and dual layer design
  • Signature Hexguard Technology on inner TPU layer adds more shock protection in the event of impact
  • Zinc-alloy, magnetic kickstand for viewing media and snaps back into place when not in use
  • Raised edges lift your screen and camera lens away from surfaces
  • Unique, high impact corner design protects your phone with military grade drop protection
  • Precision cutouts for ports and controls allow for easy access with TPU coverings to protect your volume and power buttons
  • Unique Hexguard™ Technology cushions your device during impact for additional protection
  • Slim design is only 3.6mm thin with a dual layer design featuring Polycarbonate outer layer and TPU inner layer
  • Built-in, indestructible metal kickstand allows for sturdy multimedia viewing which easily snaps back when not in use

What’s in the box

  • Seidio Dilex BlackBerry KEYone case
  • Seidio Surface Holster (optional)


The Seidio Dilex has Seidio’s same slim design as the Surface case but has more protection on the corners. The case consists of an inner TPU layer which features Seidio’s Hexguard Technology for extra impact absorption. The inner layer extends past the harder outer shell slightly on the edges, on each corner, and on the bottom. The outer shell has a nice soft, matte, grippy texture to it, making it easy to grasp without having to worry about it slipping out of your grip.

The Seidio Dilex BlackBerry KEYone case back view.

The cutouts are nicely placed and provide both ample protection and ample space to connect cords and cables, and the BlackBerry KEYone buttons are covered by the inner layer giving the case a nice sleek look while protecting them.

The Seidio Dilex BlackBerry KEYone case buttons are covered, but nice looking.

Once again, however, the case is a bit thicker near the top and thinner near the bottom which causes the physical keyboard to stick out ever so slightly above the top edge of the front of the case. Again, while it’s not a big deal when looking at the side of the Dilex case, it’s hard to figure out why Seidio would have tapered it down towards the keyboard portion of the phone.

When the case is on the phone, it does fit nice and snug and even though it looks rugged, it doesn’t add all that much extra heft to the KEYone. Our review sample came in blue and gray, but the case is also available in a black/black and red/black colour scheme.


While technically two pieces, the Seidio Dilex case does not need to come apart to place it on your BlackBerry KEYone. Installation is easy, just slide the phone into the top of the case, and then push the bottom of the phone into the bottom section. Removal of the case is pretty simple as well, simply press down on the bottom two corners and the phone pops right out.


The Seidio Dilex offers great protection for your BlackBerry KEYone with its extra rugged corners. The case feels really solid on the phone and from our shallow bounce tests, protects the phone just fine, especially when it lands on the corners or edge of the phone. As with the Surface case, my only worry would be having your phone land screen down with this case and getting some scratches on the keyboard due to it extending above the top of the case.

The Seidio Dilex BlackBerry KEYone case has extra corner protection.


The Seido Dilex Holster is an optional accessory for those who prefer to use a holster clip for their phones and differs slightly from the Surface Holster. The holster is made of hard black plastic and holds your Blackberry KEYone by way of two rounded tabs at the bottom, two corner tabs on the top, and a spring-loaded clip, also at the top. When sliding your phone into the holster, the clip snaps into place and holds the top of your phone in the holster. To release, simply press up on the clip and remove your phone.

The Seidio Dilex BlackBerry KEYone case holster has a locking spring clip.

Where the Holster differs from the Surface Holster is threefold. First, the spring-loaded top clip locks into place, which is a nice touch and gives you more peace of mind that your phone isn’t going to pop out of the phone. Second, the swivel clip swivels in 13 different positions, allowing you to carry it in even more positions. The swivel clip also features a lock on the Dilex Holster, but in our testing, it made no difference if it was locked or not and we could still turn the swivel clip. Third, and last, the Dilex Holster is not lined with black felt like the Surface Holster is. While the KEYone does sit well away from the holster, if you press lightly on the holster, you can feel it making contact with the screen on the phone.


With an MSRP of $34.95USD, the Seidio Dilex case for the BlackBerry KEYone is fairly reasonably priced. It’s a solid case with extra protection on the corners and offers extra value with the included kickstand and optional Holster for an addition $10USD.


If you’re looking for extra rugged protection for your BlackBerry KEYone, the Seidio Dilex case should certainly do the trick.

*We were sent a sample of the Seidio Dilex case for the BlackBerry KEYone for the purposes of this review.


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