Samsung is granted a self-driving car permit in California


Samsung revealed on Thursday that it was granted a self-driving car permit in California. This likely means the company will be stepping into the self-driving car ring against rivals Google and Apple. The company already gained permission in South Korea to test self-driving cars and was said to be testing algorithms for driving in poor weather conditions. Samsung wasn’t clear in what they’re testing here in the States. They told Reuters they secured the permit “in pursuit of a smarter, safer transportation future.” Yeah, fairly vague.

The company was clear about one thing: even though they make everything from smartphones to refrigerators, they have “no plans to enter the car-manufacturing business.” The company may follow Apple’s route and team up with a car maker and strictly provide software and other hardware. This whole market is ripe for opportunity and we may see other players besides Samsung jumping in the ring.

Currently, the closest thing we have to a production self-driving car are Tesla’s models. Tesla’s Autopilot system isn’t truly self-driving as it does require a human to be behind the wheel during operation. Autopilot has seen its share of controversy though, many have praised the system while others have issues with Tesla’s technology. It’s been reported, more often than not, that Autopilot has actually had good results more than bad, but we’ll let you decide for yourself on that point.

It will be interesting to see where Samsung goes with this permit and what sort of software and hardware they bring to the table. It will also be interesting to see if the form some sort of partnership with a leading car maker and how that will pan out.

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Last Updated on September 6, 2017.


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