Kids Learning Tech offers courses using Amazon Echo as an intro to AI


Technology is constantly changing, and today’s generation of toddlers will grow up with an unsettling amount of interaction with neat gadgets. Tomorrow’s generation of developers and engineers need progressive training – and there is renewed effort to begin teaching children at younger ages. Kids Learning Tech wants to get kids engaged with artificial intelligence (AI) by introducing them to Alexa with the Amazon Echo.

“By pulling back the curtain to teach them how Echo operates, we’re able to show them how their world actually works,” said Ray Marker, Kids Learning Tech owner, in a statement. “Whether you’re piloting a drone, checking Facebook, streaming a movie, or talking to Alexa, you’re witnessing the travels of data. That’s a key point.”

To do this, students watch a PowerPoint along with hands-on use with Echo: learning how to interact with the Alexa AI.

It’s fantastic to see technology being used in an interactive, engaging way for students – though this does further the overall discussion about tech influence. Since Amazon engineers filed the first patent in 2012, voice-based AI has greatly advanced.

There has been concern that AI such as Alexa has possible negative impacts on adolescent development that must at least be acknowledged. For example, parents last year showed concern that Echo was teaching children to be rude and inconsiderate.

As we learn how consumers interact with emerging technologies, we must be at least willing to speak on ramifications – for all ages. For more information you can check out the Kids Learning Tech website.

What do you think about teaching kids about AI using Amazon Echo? Tell us in the comment section below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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