Tronsmart Element T6 review: Very affordable loud, crisp, clear 360º surround sound

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It’s that time for another wireless Bluetooth speaker review here at Techaeris! This time, our Tronsmart Element T6 review takes a look at a Bluetooth speaker which offers 360º wireless sound with a big battery for long play time.


The Tronsmart Element T6 Wireless Speaker has the following features and specifications:

  • 25W DSP Audio Drivers
  • Superior 360° Surround Sound & Deep Bass
  • 15 hours long play time
  • Rugged design & portable size
  • Hands-free calling
  • 18-month Worry-Free Warranty, free lifetime technical support
  • Transmission distance: up to 10m (transmission distance may differ according to environmental factors and other devices functional range)
  • Maximum output power: 2 x 12W
  • Signal to noise ratio S/N: ≥ 80dB
  • Frequency Range: 60Hz-20KHz
  • Distortion THD: ≤ 10%
  • Speaker unit: Diameter 48 mm, inner magnet 4ohm, 12W
  • Rated voltage: 3.7V DC
  • Battery: Built-in lithium battery, 7.4V/2600mA(2*2600mah)
  • Charge voltage, current: 5V ± 0.25V,1-2A
  • Charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Working time: 10-15 hours
  • Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 195mm
  • Weight: 546.2g

What’s in the box

  • Tronsmart Element T6 Bluetooth Speaker
  • Micro-USB cable
  • 3.5mm Audio cable
  • User Manual
What’s in the box…


The Tronsmart Element T6 Wireless Speaker is pretty basic looking. It looks like an elongated pop can just under 8″ high and 3″ in diameter with a durable mesh finish around most of the sides. Our review sample was black but you can get a red version if you want something that pops a little more. Along the backside is a rubberized strip with Tronsmart branding as well as a Micro-USB and 3.5mm AUX port which are covered by a rubber flap. The bottom section is rubberized with three feet and houses the external passive radiator.

The Tronsmart Element T6 Wireless Speaker.

Just below the top is a silver ring which controls your volume. It’s definitely a different approach to volume control but one that works well. Simply turn the ring left to increase the volume or turn it right to decrease the volume. Just inside this ring is an LED light which lights up to indicate various messages. The top of the Element T6 is where you’ll find your audio controls. The center button plays or pauses your music while on Bluetooth, to the left and right are two more buttons for skipping tracks. Below the center button is your handsfree phone button which allows you to answer a call, hang up on a call, or long press to redial the last dialed number. Finally, the power button sits above the center button and not only turns the speaker on and off but also toggles between Bluetooth and AUX mode.

The controls are on the top of the speaker, complete with a grey volume “dial.”

While the design isn’t anything much different from a lot of other devices the volume dial, as well as top controls, are a nice feature.

Ease of Use

If you’ve used one, then, for the most part, you’ve used them all when it comes to connecting and using a Bluetooth speaker. In the case of the Tronsmart Element T6 Wireless Speaker, the LED ring flashes blue while searching for Bluetooth, then a solid blue when connected. Playback is what you’d expect with the controls working as intended, allowing you to change the track, pause or continue a track, and answer or disconnect from phone calls.


For the size of the speaker, the sound output is rather astounding. Not only does this speaker get really loud, but it features plenty of bass without the use of an equalizer for those who are into bass heavy music. Not only can you hear the bass, but you can feel it as well as see the speaker shake slightly depending on the track you’re listening to.

The external passive radiator sure does pump out the bass.

For the most part, just about every genre from classical to hip-hop to rock sounds fantastic on this speaker. While it is a bit bass heavy, mids and highs still come through crisp and clear. There were a couple of songs (but those were few and far between) where the bass would start to get muddied and distort when at full volume, but to be honest there’s no need to have the Element T6 cranked for enjoyable listening.

Another thing this speaker has going for it is independent volume controls. When turning the volume dial, it only affects the actual volume of the speaker and doesn’t control the volume on your phone. This allows you to fine-tune your volume by adjusting the volume on your phone and the speaker independently for optimal listening pleasure.

Finally, the design of the speaker allows the sound to emanate from it in just about every direction. It doesn’t matter if you’re in front of the speaker, behind it, or on either side as the sound is just as great from any listening angle.

Reception/Call Quality

Bluetooth reception is as expected, especially in open areas but pretty decent inside as well. As far as call quality goes, like pretty much any other Bluetooth speaker out there, the closer you are to the speaker the better for the other party to be able to hear you clearly.

Battery Life

Tronsmart says the speaker should last between 10-15 hours on a single charge, which is quite the range. However, how loud you listen to your music as well as the type of music you listen to definitely has an affect on battery life. With our phone volume turned to 100% and the speaker turned up to around 50%, we saw an average battery life of around 13-14 hours which is more than acceptable and will easily get you through the day.

Once the battery is low, the LED ring turns red. Once you’ve plugged it in, it flashes blue while charging and turns green when fully charged. Recharging the speaker takes just over 3 hours.

Charging is done via the Micro-USB port.


With an MSRP of $66.99USD, the Tronsmart Element T6 Wireless Speaker is currently on sale starting at $45.99. Given the sound output, simple but effective design, and independent volume controls, it’s a great value at the regular price which is made even better at the current sale price.


The Tronsmart Element T6 Wireless Speaker is well deserving of a Top Pick of 2017 Award here at Techaeris given its loud, clear sound, great battery life, and compact size at a very affordable price.

*We were sent a sample of the Tronsmart Element T6 Wireless Speaker for the purposes of this review.

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