The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus may be the last Touch ID enabled iPhones

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There are a ton of people who absolutely love Touch ID and many were bummed when they heard the X wouldn’t have it. Some of those people opted to buy the iPhone 8 Plus just to keep Touch ID. While the iPhone 8 Plus isn’t the “new” thing and its giant bezels make it less sexy, Touch ID just works. Face ID is Apple’s new biometric feature on the iPhone X and now noted Apple analyst Min-Chi Kuo (KGI Securities) is suggesting that Apple will completely kill Touch ID and fully adopt Face ID making the iPhone 8 Plus the last Touch ID-enabled iPhone.

According to 9to5Mac, Kuo said that Face ID will be a “key selling point” in future iPhones. The upcoming iPhone X will use the technology not only to unlock the phone but also to authorize users for mobile payments and for new 3-D emojis.

iPhone X
Apple is pushing Face ID as the most secure authentication method.

This isn’t unexpected but it is disappointing. When Apple feels its time to move on from something (headphone jack) they jump in head first. But Face ID still has real-world user testing to face and Apple is experiencing manufacturing issues with some of the components for Face ID which will leave many iPhone X buyers in the cold until 2018. Face ID is also one of the reasons I suggested users perhaps buy the iPhone 8 Plus and skip the iPhone X.

There are plenty of concerns surrounding Face ID. Just how secure is it? How well will it perform? Android OEM’s have had similar tech in some of their devices but Apple’s is a bit more advanced. Still, users of the iPhone X will basically be the beta testers for Face ID and hopefully, Apple will be able to make it just as good as Touch ID. So enjoy your iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone 8, it seems it’s the last to house fingerprint biometrics.

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