Wireless charging company PoweredbyProxi pulled into the Apple fold

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With the newest iPhones supporting wireless charging, Apple is looking to build charging capabilities by acquiring wireless charging company PoweredbyProxi. As this looks to be the standard for all iPhones going forward, it’s easy to bet that Apple is working to innovate the technology. While new to Apple devices, wireless charging has been around for years. Buying PoweredbyProxi will help Apple hit the ground running.

The company is based out of New Zealand and will join Apple, but will still be based in its home country. If you haven’t heard of PoweredbyProxi, it’s known for its Proxi-Module. It’s a wireless power/data system with the ability to be added to a variety of devices adding wireless capabilities. Though, it should be known that what Apple will do with the wireless charging company is unclear.

How much PoweredbyProxi went for is unknown, but according to Stuff New Zealand and investor information gathered, the money exchanged could be in the upper tens of millions. This was after Apple rival Samsung invested $4 million into the company a few years back in 2013. The purchase was confirmed by VP of hardware engineering Dan Riccio, who talked about it to Stuff New Zealand. As he stated, Apple wants “to bring truly effortless charging to more places and more customers around the world.”

Apple will bring its own wireless charger to market in 2018 with its AirPower accessory that has the ability to charge a phone, AirPods and Apple watch at the same time. While the Cupertino company has worked with companies like Belkin and Mophie to make official Apple-sanctioned wireless chargers, this acquisition should bolster its own products. However, when we’ll see PoweredbyProxi’s influence is unknown.

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