Bricked Xbox One X? This quick fix may solve the issue…


So you finally got your hands on an Xbox One X or Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition. After firing up and experiencing 4K gaming for a few days, you find that somehow you’ve got a bricked Xbox One X that won’t power up. While this is a relatively uncommon issue, it has been common enough that it’s hit message boards, Reddit, and the links. Fortunately, there’s a possible fix for a bricked Xbox One X — and an easy one at that.

As a pair of Reddit posters point out, the fix may be as simple as replacing the power cable and/or trying a different power outlet. If after making sure your power cord is firmly seated inside the power port of your Xbox One X and you’ve tried a different power outlet it still won’t power on, you can get a replacement power cable for relatively cheap.

Redditor EyeBraveheart had success in replacing the power cable on his Project Scorpio Edition:

I went to Gamestop and picked up a used universal power cable, the Nyko one that’s branded for Sony consoles (it’s the same style cable the One X uses though). Sure enough, swap the cable out and it powers right up. Tried the original cable one more time just to be sure and it seems to be a fried power cable being the issue as the original still did not work but the replacement one does.

He also mentions that you may be putting your warranty in jeopardy by not using an official cable from Microsoft, so your best bet is to try it out and if it works contact Microsoft to send you a replacement power cable.

The cable that came with my console is rated at 7a (7 amps) and 125 volts. My replacement cable is rated 10a and 125 volts, so technically it can handle more amps but I doubt that’s why the 7a cable failed. So any figure 8, 7 amps + at 125 volt cable should work. You just don’t want less than that rating. […] Just make sure it’s a figure 8, 7a or more and 125 volts. You can read that information between the prongs on your original cable or somewhere on your replacement cable.

Again, while this hasn’t worked for everyone, it may work for you. As another Redditor, Yo_ImWorkinHere, pointed out, it just may need a little extra push into the power port.

I remember when i was first setting it up, it felt like the power cord went in without a problem, but i pushed it a little more firmly and it popped in more securely. I can see why others might have come across this problem.

Have you experienced a bricked Xbox One X that won’t power up? Have you tried replacing the power cord? If so, did it work? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on November 13, 2017.


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