Destiny 2‘s “Curse of Osiris” to have new Vex enemy types

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Following new Cabal enemy types in Destiny 2, its first expansion, “Curse of Osiris” will add new Vex enemy types to the mix. In an interview with, Destiny 2 developer Dave Matthews confirmed the news. Here’s what he had to say (as translated by Google Translate): So we can expect to see new types of Vex on Mercury, and maybe find something that we still do not know about this particular breed of war machines?

Dave Matthews : “Absolutely yes. This kind of content offers us a precious opportunity to deepen Destiny’s fame in a variety of ways. This expansion is all about Vex: We want to let you know how they operate, how they think, how can they exist outside of time, how their machines work, and how Vex uses them to achieve their goals. During the expansion you will know different aspects of this mysterious race in different time lines.”

Although we didn’t see any new Vex enemy types in the launch trailer, chances are we will in the streams later this month. It’s hard to discern what the new types would be. In the first Destiny 2 story, we saw new enemy types in gladiators, war beasts, incendiors, and Scorpius turrets. While we may see new boss types in Curse of Osiris, there’s a chance we will see new infantry ones as well.

Matthews also touched upon the “new raid activity” that has the internet buzzing. While tight-lipped as to what that meant exactly, he did say to check out the live-streams. He also mentioned that the story will take place right after the fall of the Red Legion. The expansion will also feature three new PvP maps: two for all systems, and one exclusive to the PS4 community.

With that, Matthews ended the interview highlighting the story as a key component to the lore of the Destiny universe. We’re only a few weeks away from seeing what “Curse of Osiris” has to offer. From new vex enemy types to new PvP maps, it certainly should have something to offer for everyone.

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