Letters to Liam trailer will leave you in tears and give you hope


One of the most tragic and heart-wrenching things that could happen to anyone is losing a child. Letters to Liam is a proposed exposé documentary that follows MMA fighter Marcus Kowal and wife Mishel as they deal with the loss of their child, Liam. Liam was only fifteen months old when the Kowals had to say goodbye after he was killed by a drunk driver. The film is hoping to change the mentality and laws surrounding drunk driving. Watch the Letters to Liam trailer below, it will bring you to tears and give you hope at the same time.


Coming to the United States from Sweden, Professional MMA fighter Marcus Kowal was living the American dream. While continuing to pursue his MMA career, he attended a local college where he attained a Masters degree in sports science. Soon after, he opened and operated three gyms in the greater Los Angeles area, and eventually met and married his wife Mishel Eder. Mishel became pregnant and on May 25, 2015 gave birth to a healthy baby boy who they named Liam Mikael Kowal.

On September 4th 2016, while on a walk with Mishel’s sister, Liam was hit and killed by a drunk driver. Marcus asked the police one question: Who do I have to kill?

He was informed that the driver who hit his son and attempted to flee the scene was a 72-year-old woman. Liam Kowal was brought to Hawthorne Hospital where he was placed in the ICU unit and kept on life support. On September 4th the doctors informed Marcus and Mishel that Liam was officially brain dead. They were then faced with the most difficult decision a parent could ever face. On September 5th Marcus and Mishel said goodbye to their fifteen-month-old baby boy and removed Liam from life support. They then made the heartbreaking and courageous decision to donate Liam’s organs.

To find justice for Liam, Marcus & Mishel are now battling a slow, flawed, and overburdened California court system. Although frustrating and emotionally difficult, this is far from the biggest battle that they will face. Marcus and Mishel are determined to make a difference in their son’s name. To do this, they are willing to do whatever it takes, from founding an organization to raise awareness about drinking and driving and organ donation, to writing a book, creating a documentary film, speaking publicly, and meeting with lawmakers, nothing will deter them from reaching their goal: to change the social attitude towards drinking and driving in America.

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Last Updated on November 18, 2017.


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