Sandman Doppler puts a complete information hub by your bedside


One of the fun things about CES is seeing some of the innovative new products being dreamed up by smaller companies. CES 2018 was no exception and Palo Alto Innovation used the event to introduce and showcase their Alexa-powered Sandman Doppler bedside alarm clock which doubles as an information hub.

“The Sandman Doppler helps enhance the user experience by bringing immediate and direct interaction between the user and their home devices,” said Alex Tramiel, co-founder and CEO of Palo Alto Innovation. ͞”We are focused on developing unique products that help make life easier, and what better way to do so than to improve a device that’s been helping many get a jumpstart to their mornings for years.”

Not only does the Alexa integration give users the ability to access and use Alexa’s many skills, the Sandman Doppler also has two programmable buttons which allow for customization through the iPhone or Android app. The buttons can be used to control smart home functions like turning on or dimming smart lights, playing music, opening or closing garage doors, or locking the front door and activating the home security system.

Built on open-source code, owners are encouraged to add their own commands for the Sandman Doppler to control. As far as physical capabilities, the smart alarm clock houses six high-speed USB charging ports, dual speaker audio, an RGB LED clock face with 1.8-inch tall numbers, and automatic brightness adjustments. The dashboard on the Sandman Doppler also shows date, weather, temperature, stocks, and traffic routes should you desire.

The Sandman Doppler is available to pre-order for $119USD and shipping is anticipated in July. We saw a near-final version of the hardware at CES 2018 and it’s already looking really good.

What do you think about the Sandman Doppler smart alarm clock? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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