Allo smart reply features coming to Android Messages app


With a plethora of messaging apps at its disposal, Google is looking to take features of one app and add it to others. In this instance, Allo’s smart reply features will make their way to Android’s Messages app.  Though, in its current form, it’s only available for those who are on Project Fi.

Even so, Google implementing this into Android Messages is a good sign for app users. While Allo has been met with mixed reviews, Messages is more widely used. With the smart reply feature in Messages — like it does in Allo, Assistant, Gmail, etc. — Google will comb through your conversation. It’ll then generate replies based on the context of your conversation.

Privacy nuts may want to use something else, though. In order to use this convenient feature, Google needs (read: requires) access to your SMS history. Though, if you’re on the Google bandwagon, what’s one more set of data points, eh? Google hasn’t spoken out on the matter in how it works particularly. However, the search giant did mention the Project Fi exclusive access.

The feature is rolling out to Project Fi users today, as confirmed by the Project Fi Twitter account. There isn’t any way to set up templates for the smart replies yet, But Google is asking people to send feedback on the feature. You can do so by going to the Project Fi App > Support tab > Send Feedback. Maybe if there’s enough people requesting the feature, Google will enable it in a later update.

Do you use Allo? How about Android Messages? Are you excited to see the smart reply feature make its way to the SMS app? Let us know by leaving your comments down below, or on Google+Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on January 25, 2018.

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