EVEN H2 wireless headphone review: EarPrint technology that seemingly works

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TA-ratings-91The last time we reviewed a pair of headphones from EVEN we were certainly impressed. The EVEN H1 wired headphones were a Techaeris Top Pick for 2016. Now it’s the EVEN H2 wireless headphones turn to try and impress us. EVEN returns with their same signature EarPrint technology that seemingly customizes the sound to your ears. EVEN isn’t the only company playing with software to tune the sound to your ears but they’re one of the first to bring the technology to consumer headphones. So let’s get on with the full review of the EVEN H2 wireless headphones with EarPrint technology.


The EVEN H2 wireless headphones have the following features and specifications:

  • Driver: Beryllium 40mm
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Frequency Range: 20 ~ 20,000Hz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: <3%
  • Sound Pressure Level: 110+ / -2db
  • Battery: Lithium Ion 20hrs continuous listening
  • Effective Bluetooth Range: 30 feet
  • Weight: 10.6oz
  • Materials: Walnut Ear Cups, Brushed Metal, PU Leather

What’s In The Box

  • EVEN H2 wireless headphones
  • EVEN hardshell case
  • AUX cable
  • MicroUSB cable
  • Instructions and Documentation
Beautiful walnut finish and fine machined aluminum.


Let me start with what I love about the EVEN H2 wireless headphone design, the materials. The ear cups are 100% walnut and the rest is brushed aluminum and PU leather. Even though the leather isn’t real, it’s still fairly high-quality and looks like it should stand the test of time. The walnut ear cups is what really sets these things off as the natural wood look really gives them a classy look and feel.

Throw in the clean lines of the brushed aluminum and you have a classy but modern looking pair of headphones. The construction of the headphones is top notch, no creaks or funny sounds and everything just feels and looks really tightly put together. The ear pads are supple and soft, fairly comfortable for being on-ear headphones. The headband is also soft and decent for long listening periods but does cause a bit of fatigue after 3-4 hours of use. Clamping pressure is moderate and tolerable, which is good as there is nothing worse than over tight headphones.

On the left ear cup, you’ll find the Micro-USB port for charging along with a mic array. Over on the right ear cup, you’ll find the EVEN button, which turns the headphones on and off and gets you through your EarPrint setup. There is also an AUX port, play/pause button, volume up/track forward button, and volume down/track reverse button.

The one thing I truly wish EVEN would have done with these headphones was make them over ear instead of on ear. The EVEN H1 headphones were a passive set of over-ear headphones so it’s a bit confusing to me to make the 2nd generation H-series an on-ear offering. It would have made more sense to brand these the G-series or something to separate on-ear and over-ear design. That’s really my only complaint when it comes to design, these really should have been over-ear.

With my one gripe aside, overall, these are well constructed and attractive headphones. The included carrying case gets high praise as well. It’s well made and high-quality, something even higher cost headphones don’t offer, a nice treat for certain. For the $229USD asking price, EVEN has packed in a lot of premium quality here that you’d see on headphones that cost much more than this.

The controls on the side of the right earcup.

Ease of Use

Before you do anything with your EVEN H2 wireless headphones, be sure they are charged to 100%. Once you’ve got them all charged up you’re ready to set them up. Put your H2’s on and power them on, double tap the EVEN button and Sarah (EVEN’s EarPrint guide) will walk you through the setup process. EVEN’s EarPrint technology is based on the fact that not everyone’s hearing is the same. Some of us hear different frequencies better than others and EarPrint tries to isolate those frequencies that work for you.

Sarah guides you through the whole 90 second set up with ease. It is recommended that you do this in a quiet room and distraction free for the best results. Sarah will go through a variety of frequencies asking you to press the EVEN button when you hear the faintest of sound. This seemingly calibrates the headphones frequencies to your hearing which is supposed to give you the best listening experience you can get.

Once you have your EarPrint set, you can pair via Bluetooth which is as simple as any other pair of Bluetooth headphones. You can also download the EVEN app which is sort of interesting as it shows you which frequencies have been adjusted for your hearing. The app is more informative than anything, you can toggle EarPrint on and off in the app but that’s about it. Overall, these are simple to use, there is a bit more setup involved because of EarPrint but it’s straightforward.

Subtle and well-done branding.


We’ve reviewed both the EVEN H1 headphones and the EVEN E1 earbuds and both reviewers walked away impressed with the EarPrint technology. I tried the EVEN H2 wireless headphones without the EarPrint technology before I used them with the tech on. I found that the sound coming from these headphones without EarPrint was actually really good. The mids and highs were well balanced but the bass was subtle and low key.

Once I kicked in the EarPrint technology on the bass was more pronounced but not in a crazy way. I felt the mids and highs were pushed back just slightly and the overall sound was more immersive with EarPrint on. Honestly, while I preferred the sound with EarPrint on, I didn’t think the difference was that extreme. I think everyone’s experience is going to differ here. There will be some users who may benefit from EarPrint more than others due to individual differences in hearing. I won’t deny that it seemingly works, there is a difference in sound and it obviously impressed our last two reviewers.

That all being said. I do think the H2 headphones deliver quality sound, EarPrint or not. For the asking price, you will get good sound from these headphones.

Reception/Call Quality

Bluetooth reception is the standard 30-35 feet from the source, it’s an industry standard and acceptable. Call quality is great as well, callers could hear me just fine with no noticeable distortion or echo. I could hear callers perfectly clear so if you’re into taking calls with headphones, these will do you good.

The included carrying case is solid and something you sometimes don’t see on more expensive headphones.

Battery Life

Advertised battery life is 20 hours continuous listening. Our testing gave us just over 21 hours with volume at 50% and the source device within 5 feet of the headphones. Battery life will vary with listening volume and distance from the source device.


The asking price on the EVEN H2 wireless headphones is $229USD. This is a fair price for the build quality, craftsmanship, and sound these deliver.

Wrap Up

EVEN’s big selling point is EarPrint technology. While I found there was a small difference in sound,  I would recommend checking out their website and trying the demo before buying. I think EarPrint technology is going to vary from user to user and you should test it before committing to buying. These are still a great pair of headphones without EarPrint as the build and materials alone are really impressive.

*We were sent a sample of the EVEN H2 wireless headphones for the purposes of this review.

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