SnapPower releases GuideLight 2 Plus with improved lighting, GFCI compatibility


If you’ve been reading Techaeris for awhile, you may recall that last March we took a look at several SnapPower products and came away impressed. Some highlights included quick and easy installation, good price, and nice features on both the GuideLight and Charger options. SnapPower has recently released an update to the GuideLight, the GuideLight 2 Plus. The new LED light adds several nice features while still maintaining the same easy installation and affordable price.

The first and likely most noticeable difference comes with the use of a new diffused light bar. The original GuideLight featured three LEDs for a sharper lighting experience. The new light bar will produce a softer overall light. The new GuideLight 2 Plus also includes brightness control to further customize your lighting experience. Last but not least in terms of new features is an on/off switch. This will let you easily turn the light bar on or off using a dedicated button on the front of the wall plate.

The GuideLight 2 Plus also ushers in a first for SnapPower, with a GFCI compatible version available. GFCI outlets are usually found in kitchens and bathrooms and can be distinguished by the Test and Reset buttons found between the two outlets. Now you’re free to add an extra bit of lighting via your GFCI outlets if you so choose.

The SnapPower GuideLight 2 Plus includes a similar discount structure to the rest of SnapPower’s products, where buying more will end up saving you some money. Even for the individual price of $19USD you won’t be spending a ton if you just need one LED-lit outlet cover.

You can read more about the GuideLight 2 Plus in the full press release below, or you can head over to SnapPower’s website if you’d like to try out the GuideLight 2 Plus for yourself. What do you think about this update? Let us know in the comment section below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

Read the full press release

SnapPower GuideLight Series Brings Pathway Lighting to Every Room

GuideLight 2 PLUS first GFCI-compatible product

VINEYARD, Utah ― January 31, 2018 ― SnapPower, the fast-growing consumer lighting technology company, today announced the GuideLight 2 PLUS and GuideLight 2 PLUS for GFCI, the newest products in the GuideLight outlet cover line. The GuideLight 2 PLUS is the first SnapPower product for ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), providing owners with complete pathway lighting coverage for every room of the home.

“At SnapPower, we’re committed to providing innovative and exciting pathway lighting solutions for every room in the house,” said Jesse Leishman, CEO of SnapPower. “We’re proud to expand our product line to GFCIs through the GuideLight 2 PLUS to meet all of the needs for our consumers’ bathrooms and kitchens as we continue to improve lighting solutions.”

GuideLight 2 PLUS features include:

  • Soft diffused light bar ― The GuideLight 2 PLUS features a diffused light bar in place of the original three sharper LEDs for smooth ambient lighting.
  • On/off switch ― Users control the automatic lighting feature with a low-profile ergonomic on/off switch on the plate cover.
  • Brightness settings ― Brightness settings also give users complete control over their pathway lighting.

Pricing and Availability

The GuideLight 2 PLUS and GuideLight 2 PLUS for GFCI retail from $16 to $19 (depending on the quantity purchased) and can be found at SnapPower’s online retail store. To learn more about SnapPower, please visit

About SnapPower

Located in Vineyard, Utah, SnapPower is a consumer technology company focused on creating simple and convenient solutions that solve some of the basic issues in today’s home. Powered by its patented technology, SnapPower’s easy-to-install, sleek and energy-efficient designs transform outlet cover plates into convenient nightlights and USB chargers. SnapPower products are installed in seconds, requiring no wire or batteries and leaving all outlets free for use. For more information, visit:


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