Here’s why it’s important to conduct business website session recordings


Basically, session recording is all about keeping a visual record of how users interact with your business website. By using a good recording tool, you can replay the records and see what a visitor did on your website. The session recorder records the visitor’s activities including keyboard inputs, mouse movements, page navigations, time stamps, and such other actions relevant to your assessment.  This comes in hand in many ways. But what exactly are those ways in which you can benefit from website session recording? How important is this trick to your business? Below are a few important notes:

Website Session Recording for Improved Usability

For one, website visitors don’t like lingering around a problematic site. When you use a session recorder, you can replay and identify exactly what makes users abandon parts of the website and the problems they may have faced. You solve those problems, and visitors will be happier. You also get to know what most users want to do on your site and make efforts to improve their user experience.  Also, this trick helps greatly when it comes to responding to user inquiries and calls for help. By replaying the user’s session, a customer support rep can better understand the problem at hand and guide the user on how to solve or avoid it – for example, when a user tries to click on empty spaces or is having navigation problems.

Improve the Sales Funnel and Increase the Conversion Rate

It’s obvious that a business website would have a call to action (CTA)- like a suggestion to register or participate in a discussion. By analyzing the website session recording, you can point out the most effective CTA and tweak it to draw more visitors to the next step in the sales funnel.  With this, you have better chances of increasing your sales volume by, for example, identifying the most checked products and then modeling their improvements to make them more appealing and better meet user expectations.

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Help Solve Technical Glitches and Security Issues

It would be a sad experience if visitors showed up on your website only to leave angry and frustrated because of unresolved technical glitches. You see, nobody wants to feel so impressed by your products and proposals, only to be frustrated by stuff like unresponsive buttons and disorganized registration forms. The good news is, a session recording can help point out such problems and have them fixed.  On matters of security, session recordings come in handy in identifying issues like visible passwords and failed input-validation parameters especially on registration forms and pricing pages. Indeed, business organizations all over the world, especially those that have figured out the move to take their business online, have and are still benefiting in various ways from this trick. That said, anyone with an online business presence would want to use website session recording to boost their sales.

Last Updated on August 11, 2019.


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