[Infographic] Women leading the future of blockchain


Guest Post was written by: Sean Mortberg, an aspiring tech writer and a student at the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky.

Since 1987, the month of March has commemorated the history and impact of women, with March being recognized as Women’s History Month and March 8th as International Women’s Day. The celebration of political and social barriers that have been broken and achievements that have been made is timely, especially considering that in 2016, women were only paid 80% of what their male counterparts were paid. One arena where women have always and are continuing to make progress is in the world of technology.

From computer science to the latest growing trend in the tech revolution — blockchain technology — women have been key to discovery and innovation. Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer, produced the theories of what would become the modern computer as far back as the early 19th century. Katherine Johnson, a pioneer in space technology who performed the trajectory analysis of the first human spaceflight, was only recognized for her contributions in 2015 at the age of 96. Radia Perlman, unofficially dubbed the “Mother of the Internet,” created the algorithm behind STP, an important foundation of network technology.

The contributions of women don’t stop in the 20th century. The buzz around blockchain, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies have created an environment for innovation where women are thriving. Crystal Rose is making the trading of crypto a level playing field as the CEO of Sensay, an AI platform for blockchain advice, as well as in her service on the board of the ICO Governance Foundation. Daria Arefieva, founder, and CEO of Cryptofriends uses her background in fintech and the banking industry and her knowledge of blockchain to bring together the crypto community.

It’s more important than ever to recognize the impact of women in the world of tech. To learn more, take a look at the infographic below, provided by Cryptofriends.io.


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